Wednesday, June 29, 2011

McCanns: Picnic in the woods...or car wreck ?

Thought provoking post from Jill Haverns site,  and something that has crossed my mind on more than one occasion, not just mine but many people I have spoken with . So, now the subject has been broached let's discuss it. The McCanns are a couple of very unpleasant people, they were helped out of a bad situation. Instead of being grateful, returning home and keeping a low profile they decided they wanted to be famous and very , very rich ! Since the death of Madeleine they have mixed with very shady and dubious characters some of whom are now in prison.

I had to smile one evening when Kate McCann said she had moved her 'FANS' to another area on her FACEBOOK...and thats how they see themselves 'superstars' I am sure they are longing for the day when people stop to ask for their autograph. Kate would have liked nothing more than to have sat in Harrods , a long list of admirers lining up for her to sign her book .Kate could see it all. BUT let me bring the McCanns back down to earth, they are both STILL prime suspects in the mystery that surrounds the death of their daughter. The media and PR stunts will NEVER clear their name.

Moving on to the post by WILLO and those who are now tired of the McCanns and a circus out of control. David Cameron has been tucked up in bed with MURDOCH since the year 2008. Cameron and Rebekah Brooks have homes in the country ,they go horse riding together on the week-ends. Brooks has bragged that it was down to her Cameron became Prime Minister, so if the McCanns do not realize that Cameron knows Madeleine is dead they are either living in a fools paradise, or pushing their luck.

I spoke to a friend only yesterday and we both agreed there is not a review of the case, Cameron said it to shut the McCanns up, has it worked, only time will tell and no it would not surprise me at all to hear one day the McCanns have been killed in a car wreck.

Christopher Shale, only this week-end, Saturday's news of a leaked scathing report about the Tories from Shale , Sunday he was found dead in a VIP toilet. First reports suicide, then heart attack and now toxicology reports are inconclusive.

FOOTNOTE: Cameron and a review of the case. This blew up when Gordon Brown declared he wished to head IMF, Cameron swore if he tried he would block him. Cameron had everything in place to re-open the case if Brown went ahead. Brown backed off, his direct involvement with the McCanns and covering up their sleaze prevented him from starting out on a new career.