Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Kate McCann thought she had everyone fooled , her arrogance beyond belief !

Kate wrote when accused of being a  suspect in the death of her daughter.

'FRIDAY 7 SEPTEMBER. After a measly two hours' sleep we got up and braced ourselves for the day ahead. I vividly remember standing quietly for a few minutes in the sitting room. There were several thoughts scrolling through my mind.

There's going to be a riot when news of all this reaches people back in the UK.

There's no way our government will stand for this.'

Well they were right about one thing, they do have the British Goverment by the balls. But they were wrong on all counts when it came to the mood of the British public and there being a riot. The McCanns have never understood how much they are disliked, they sincerely believe because they have 'contacts' who are little more than crooks they are above the law. Brian Kennedy , has betrayed many an innocent customer through his double glazing business. Metodo 3 ,two of whom are still in prison, one up on an attempted murder charge the other for drug trafficking. Not to mention Kevin Halligen. The McCanns themselves criminals of a massive fraud if you believe as I do, and there is no doubt in my mind that Madeleine is dead and they are involved.

There was not a riot as Kate McCann had hoped for because what the McCanns will never understand is that the majority do not believe them and never will. Their pathetic attempts at using the media to clear their names has failed, the results being a deep hatred and distrust for the British media. Martin Brunt and David Jones are despised and have lost all credibility as journalists , they turned their backs on what they were paid to do, their job and that job is to dig for the truth.

The moment the McCanns arrived back in Britain as ARGUIDOS the fund money went to pay HANOVER , there was no search for Madeleine, pretty pointless as she was already dead . HANOVER, proud to admit they turned the British hostility for the McCanns to sympathy.

Two days later after the ARGUIDOS returned, Gordon Brown and Jaqui Smith paid a visit to Leicester police station and what did they discuss? who knows, who cares BUT we can be sure Madeleines name was not mentioned , this was all about the McCanns and protecting their reputation and his of course!