Tuesday, December 27, 2011

#McCann : Was Gerry Wearing Gloves ? Said Tongue In Cheek!


The inside of the room was dark.

The shutters were down, and light entered only through its holes.
The windows were closed and the curtains slightly open.
Gerry, who accompanied the deponent during this visit, with the GNR officers also present, said that it had been him who had closed the window because the babies were still sleeping inside, which the deponent could verify as true.

Gerry mentioned that when he noticed that Madeleine was missing, he had found the window and shutters open, and the curtains fluttering.!!!!!! (I Thought that was Kate's line)

Above From PJ File - 3rd Statement Of Silvia Batiste

Much drama was placed on the window by Kate who later herself admitted it may have been a red herring. Still , by refusing to return for a reconstruction her dramatics of flaying arms and 'wooshing' would not be played out.

2 - The situation concerning the window to the bedroom where Madeleine slept, together with the twins, which was open, according to Kate. It seemed then necessary to clarify if there was a draught, since movement of the curtains and pressure under the bedroom door are mentioned, which, eventually, could be verified through the reconstitution;

Above Summary From The PJ Files

Finally , the only fingerprints found on the window were those of Kate McCann , again without a reconstruction one is left wondering how Gerry McCann managed to close the window without leaving any fingerprints, maybe he will be asked to explain this during the libel trial.