Thursday, December 29, 2011

#McCann #Mumsnet : A FUND Built Without Concrete Evidence IS A Fraud!

Piers: I mean, what is so strange about this story, what is so strange about this story, and I remember living through it here in England at the time, is there’s just no evidence of anything. She [Madeleine] just vanished.
Gerry: Actually...
Kate: There was a man seen carrying a child away...
Piers: But we don’t know who he was. We don’t even know if that was Madeleine. It could have been anybody. I mean...
Kate: We don’t, but nobody came forward to eliminate themselves
Piers: Right.
Kate: And obviously the timing of it, you know.
Piers: So you believe from all that you know that the shadowy figure that was seen with a young child was probably the abduction taking place? Is that what you think?
Kate: Yes

Mr. de Almeida : Maddie is dead and the fund a fraud

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