Monday, December 26, 2011

#McCann : Fake Abductions - And The Perpetrators That Are Still Free

Peter and Heather's Christmas Wish

Baby Lisa to be found, laid to rest properly, and the arrests of Deborah Bradley for her murder, and Jeremy Irwin for conspiracy, lying to police, being effeminate refusing to be interviewed without Bradley present, and failing to protect this little darling.

And NO they will not be silenced, threatened or sued for their beliefs, AMERICA is the land of free speech !

CARTER RUCK If The Cap Fits ....
As an extra stocking stuffer here, can you throw in a disbarment of any  immoral money-loving sociopathic attorney who, in my own private, personal opinion, arrived just at the very moment that I believe police were obtaining a confession.   Just put the revoked licenses to practice law in my stocking; even a photocopy would be fine.  Which attorney, you ask?


Artwork By HIMSELF