Thursday, December 1, 2011

McCann : News Of The World And The Sun Hacked The McCanns

Another vital clue pointing to kidnap came two months ago when the News of the World revealed how Maddie's treasured Cuddle Cat toy had been found on a high ledge in the room, out of her reach.

The McCanns have never mentioned a high ledge, however they may have mentioned a high ledge when  explaining to a family  member how Madeleine fell in the apartment, here we have evidence of phone hacking !

The SUN, also hacked the McCanns, articles relating to sedation have been blocked online ,  searching now for an article where the SUN published the McCanns admitted  giving the children Calpol, McCanns admitting to a family member yes BUT NOT publicly........ more evidence of phone hacking.

McCanns assumed it was PJ listening in to their calls but it was the British media !

Their suspicions were first aroused by questions they were asked by Portuguese police which were based on information that could only have come from private conversations.

During lengthy interviews when they were first made suspects, they were asked questions which implied they had conspired during mobile phone conversations to hide who was at the dinner party - and when - on the night that Madeleine disappeared.

They are also thought to have been asked why the toddler's Cuddle Cat toy was washed twice - information that could well have come from surveillance of phone calls.SURVEILLANCE ! Or were the Daily Mail ALSO hacking the McCanns  ????

Although the couple have been back home in Rothley, Leicestershire, for 12 days, they fear the practice is continuing. A source close to the family said:

"The assumption is that it is taking place.

Everyone involved is very careful, particularly with their mobile phone calls and what they say.

"There was an assumption from the early days that their mobile communications were unsafe and could be listened to.

"They believed it in Portugal and they believe that is still happening now that they are back home......more evidence of phone hacking

Paul McMullan taped ALL interviews and journalist Simon Tomlin also records his telephone conversations, so I would imagine that any phone hacking of 'clients ' would have been recorded. Phone hacking is now out in the open and the McCanns have stabbed journalists who protected them in the back, lets hope a hacked recording of the McCanns falls into the lap of someone who wishes to expose the truth !

This information also forwarded to MP who has great interest in the case

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