Thursday, December 15, 2011

#McCann Case : The Fabricated Diary - Target Sandra Felgueiras ?

The Leveson Inquiry appears to all intense and purposes to have been hi-jacked by the McCanns over a diary fabricated by Kate McCann. For those who have followed this circus from the very beginning will recall it was Phil McCann, Gerry's sister who suggested Kate write a 'diary' so that when Madeleine returned she would be able to see how hard everyone had 'searched' for her...Phil would later tell a reporter that the diary would fetch at least one million pounds, so the intention was a financial one and not for Maddie to read about her perfect torn genitals ! ( page 129 in Kates book 'madeleine')

There was a public apology and money paid into the fraudulent fund from the News of the World. The McCanns of course are looking for another hand out but it was not until today I realized there may be so much more to this latest stunt of their's, a very sinister plot may be taking place.

Kate McCann, is a vicious, spiteful middle aged woman, we have witnessed this in her book 'madeleine' her hatred for Gonçalo Amaral dripped with venom at every word she penned. Those that doubt Kate's word are the enemy.

May and June of 2007 many noticed the attraction Gerry McCann had for the much younger, very beautiful Portuguese reporter Sandra Felgueiras, at times the banter between Sandra and Gerry was very flirtatious.

Kate, jealous and filled with hatred took it into her head to take revenge on Sandra, August 23rd 2007, the Daily Mail reported the McCanns had thoughts about suing Sandra, it was claimed Sandra had accused Kate McCann of murdering Madeleine ! a suggestion strongly denied by Sandra and never proven by the McCanns.

A good reporter cannot be bought by the McCanns of this world and their manipulative devious ways over time have made Sandra suspicious, one example, when she asked Kate about the cadaver dogs, Kate spoke over her but Sandra would not be fobbed off and said to her, 'so you have no answer' ? Gerry McCann replied
 ' Ask the Dog's Sandra'...moments like these are not lost on Kate and the hatred that burns deep within her.

Today, it has been reported that the person who 'leaked' the diary was a female Portuguese' reporter...Kate has made it plain the 'diary' was translated into Portuguese and then translated back into you see where I am going with this ? The ONLY female reporter who followed this case because of her very good English was none other than Sandra Felgueiras !

Yesterday Myler revealed the diaries came from a female Portuguese journalist.

 Sandra Felgueiras Top Portuguese TV presenter Sandra Felgueiras is said to have 'accused' Madeleine's mother of murdering her daughter !