Saturday, December 3, 2011

McCanns New Campaign - Dirty Tricks On TWITTER.

Informed : TWITTER, MP Tom Watson AND Scotland Yard

Something is happening on twitter that I believe you should ALL be aware of . The McCanns have a group who troll for them on the Internet and  their new game is to have peoples accounts suspended who do not believe in the fairytale abduction. It is all too easy to suspend an account as I have recently discovered !

I have been informed the McCanns 'trolls' have now 'employed' Mark Williams ‘ child protector’ as their spokesman to have non believers accounts suspended, on Twitter . I do hope Mark is not so foolish as to fall into the McCanns trap and this is just a silly rumour ! To be on the safe side however I have reported this to Scotland Yard , Twitter and MP Tom Watson who I hope will contact Mark to see if this very serious allegation has any truth . 

(Mark Williams YET to question Kate McCanns first witness statement TOYS left on the bed when the 'story' goes it was just old cuddle cat and a pink blanket!)

Some background info on  Mark Williams .!/mwilliamsthomas

  • #twitter total fail. They would do well to learn from #Facebook who would have had this account removed a very long time ago .
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  • Give me confidence that they were focused on child protection although they did not handle the last case well. Here we are again...
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  • This is the 2nd time #twitter has failed to act quickly re child abuse content - after last occasion I had good chat with them & they did ..
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  • Time for sleep - goodnight
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