Tuesday, December 6, 2011

McCann : Carter Ruck Allow Their Blog As A Platform To Peddle The Folklore Abduction!

6 Responses to The Leveson Inquiry – victims of the media turn the tables on the press

  1. Maureen Lang says:
    It can no longer be argued that no one in The PJ was responsible for these leaks, and often false information.
    This was a deliberate attempt to influence Public Opinion against The McCanns in the absence of Evidence.
    And I would dearly like to know exactly who was responsible, although I doubt that this information will come as a surprise to anyone.
  2. C4 says:
    Brit, I don’t think you need two guess’s as to who this was.
    Someone had a habit of leaving things on desks for journo’s to copy.
    • BrenR1958 says:
      Yes you got that correct C4, it really doesn’t take a lot of guessing, but the burning question is this.
      A judge ordered the copies to be destroyed, yet it seems they were not as Kate’s diary appeared in CdeM on the 28th July 2008.
      The McCann family under oath, told the world things that many of us have not heard before of how bad their lives were with press intrusion. And how scared their children were at times.
  3. Jen says:
    The trouble is that no matter how many times the press admit they lied and made up stories in order to increase revenue, those that swallowed the lies are refusing to budge. Either through ignorance or the need to hate someone, they refuse to give up their stalking and harassment. The media cannot undo that damage. Only by regulating the internet and applying harassment and stalking laws more rigorously can the damage be rectified.
    • BrenR1958 says:
      Jen that is the danger, those lies and made up headlines are still to this day being peddled as fact and people are still believing them. Even e-books are being produced all based on made up headlines and a thesis that has no grounds and still these people refuse to retract what they have written and apologise ,when the proof is shown that their research is flawed.
      Nobody wants to see such stringent regulation of the internet but I think maybe it has come to a point that it might be required.
      The internet is a powerful tool, but unfortunately in this case, it has been used and abused by some in order to abuse and accuse others.
  4. Brit. says:
    How did these diaries find there way from the Portuguese police into the Portuguese media and later to the NOTW.
    This should be investigated and made known.