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McCann Case :Suspicions about Payne were never investigated Correio da Manhã

Maddie Case: Reconstruction that was requested by the PJ could have clarified doubts

by Tânia Laranjo
27 April 2009 - 00h30
Thanks to Astro for translation

The suspicions against medic David Payne, one of the McCanns' English friends, who was in Praia da Luz on the 3rd of May 2007, when Madeleine disappeared, were never investigated. Meanwhile, the doctor moved house and doesn't live in the same London area anymore. He was expected to return to Praia da Luz over the last few days, to record the documentary that is being prepared in England, but he ended up cancelling the trip. It is unknown if an actor will play his part in the reconstruction that is promoted by Kate and Gerry.

"On the day that Madeleine disappeared, his behaviour was very strange. He tried to sit in during the interrogations of Kate and Gerry, and he seemed very upset", a member of staff at the Ocean Club who assisted the searches during the first few hours, told CM.

David Payne was cited in the process twice, as having strange behaviour towards children. The first case took place in the initial hours that followed the child's disappearance, when a social services worker from England, who happened to be on holidays in Lagos, stated that she recognised Payne from a situation that she had investigated and which was related to child neglect or sexual abuse.

Later, an English couple told the police that a year before they had been on holidays with the McCanns and with the Payne couple, and that back then, the doctor had had a conversation with Gerry, which they witnessed, that indicated child abuse.

Payne used to bathe the children and since that day, that English couple, both doctors as well, prevented him from getting close to their daughter.

Payne wasn't questioned by the police because he returned to England in the meantime.

The McCann couple then refused to take part in the reconstruction of the night when Maddie disappeared, thus making it impossible for the suspicions against Payne to be proved or dismissed. At that time, Gerry and Kate were already arguidos over the concealment of the cadaver and neglect towards their children.




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