Tuesday, December 27, 2011

#McCann #Freud And The #Microchip - Is There A Doctor In The House ?

For this to function we must do away with the NHS, that's Cameron's job !

MUDOCH'S FOX NEWS Pushing GPS Tracking Device - Claims It Could Have Prevented A Tragic Murder.



And if I may leave you with a final quote from the maybe not quite so bizarre Aragào Correia

At the beginning I had some reservations concerning that issue, because I had never heard about it, but I was interested careful enough to go on the internet and to consult several credible websites, including FBI and CIA sources, where I found some amazing things: the micro-chip was indeed being promoted as the ideal weapon to prevent crime. These sources added that the population should be induced into accepting this technological revolution, even if it was at the expense of a policy of deliberately promoting mass public insecurity. Well, the Maddie case fell like ‘manna from heaven’ for the promotion of the microchip, especially as far as children are concerned”.

And on that very puzzling note, the interview with Aragão Correia ended.