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#McCann: Jim Gamble Quote Of The Year !

In the future, we'll look back and this government will be shame-faced at some of the things they've done which are more about politics than child protection."

How little Maddie would agree!

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#McCann : One Can Never Bury The Truth No Matter How Hard You Try......POWERFULL STUFF !

#McCann #Libel Reform And The Queen's Speech. People (like us) are still being threatened by a law that allows the rich and powerful to bully critics and shut down public debate

#EBay #McCann Fund Fraud Moves To E-Bay - Place Your Bets Folks !

#McCann #Mumsnet #Censored: The Documentary The Dictators McCann Refuse The British Public To See. You Must Ask Yourself Why....

#McCann #Mumsnet : A FUND Built Without Concrete Evidence IS A Fraud!

Piers: I mean, what is so strange about this story, what is so strange about this story, and I remember living through it here in England at the time, is there’s just no evidence of anything. She [Madeleine] just vanished.
Gerry: Actually...
Kate: There was a man seen carrying a child away...
Piers: But we don’t know who he was. We don’t even know if that was Madeleine. It could have been anybody. I mean...
Kate: We don’t, but nobody came forward to eliminate themselves
Piers: Right.
Kate: And obviously the timing of it, you know.
Piers: So you believe from all that you know that the shadowy figure that was seen with a young child was probably the abduction taking place? Is that what you think?
Kate: Yes

Mr. de Almeida : Maddie is dead and the fund a fraud

MUMSNET On Robert Murat

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Gerry #McCann Interferred With The Two PRIME Witnesses...

1) Both witnesses are of great importance, Mrs.Fenn's statement proves the McCanns checks were a lie and even though she is no longer with us her statement is still valid. 2) We only have to look at the statements of Jez Wilkins to see he has been manipulated by Gerry McCann. Wilkins, the fly in the ointment that foiled the 'perfect faked abduction'

#McCann : Mrs.Fenn Swore She Had NOT Spoken With ANY Journalist's BUT We Now Know She Had Spoken To The Manipulative Gerry McCann !

Or as some might see it, interfering with a PRIME witness

Mr Fenn, who lives in England, visits the flat monthly and has witnessed its transformation from white-washed holiday home to a ghoulish, run-down tourist attraction. “There are always tourists who stand outside and get their friends to take their photograph outside 5a,” he says wearily. “They find some ghastly attraction in being pictured at the spot when a little girl was abducted. Gerry McCann did come up to apologise to my mother for all the unwanted attention – which was incredibly kind as he has endured a grief and pain that no parent should ever have to withstand.”

#McCann #Mumsnet - Discussing The Poor McCanns At The Leveson Inquiry - Oblivious To The Maddie Mini Tennis Alibi AND Blatant Inconsistancies !

#McCann #Mumsnet : Kate Predicting The Future

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#McCann : Was Gerry Wearing Gloves ? Said Tongue In Cheek!


The inside of the room was dark.

The shutters were down, and light entered only through its holes.
The windows were closed and the curtains slightly open.
Gerry, who accompanied the deponent during this visit, with the GNR officers also present, said that it had been him who had closed the window because the babies were still sleeping inside, which the deponent could verify as true.

Gerry mentioned that when he noticed that Madeleine was missing, he had found the window and shutters open, and the curtains fluttering.!!!!!! (I Thought that was Kate's line)

Above From PJ File - 3rd Statement Of Silvia Batiste

Much drama was placed on the window by Kate who later herself admitted it may have been a red herring. Still , by refusing to return for a reconstruction her dramatics of flaying arms and 'wooshing' would not be played out.

2 - The situation concerning the window to the bedroom where Madeleine slept, together with the twins, which was open, according to Kate. It seemed then necessary to clarify if there was a draught, since movement of the curtains and pressure under the bedroom door are mentioned, which, eventually, could be verified through the reconstitution;

Above Summary From The PJ Files

Finally , the only fingerprints found on the window were those of Kate McCann , again without a reconstruction one is left wondering how Gerry McCann managed to close the window without leaving any fingerprints, maybe he will be asked to explain this during the libel trial.

#McCann: QUOTES - Maddie's Fund was created just 7 full working days after she 'disappeared' - how did the McCanns know so early on that she wouldn't be found soon?

#McCann #Mumsnet - Interesting Chit Chat On Robert Murat May 14th 2007 - Also Interesting To Note How Some Observed SKY News Appeared To Be Leading Viewers To Believe He Was Guilty !

Jane Tanner was she not a member of Mumsnet, have they read her police statements and her ever changing story ? 

Are this group of mum's aware friends of McCanns tried to frame Robert ?

'Mumsnet' also campaigned against Madeleine McCann ad at the cinema, frightening their children with the bogey man.

Are Mumsnet aware Robert Murat has a legal complaint against Tanner for all of the LIES and 'stories' she has fabricated ?

#McCann :"Outrageous" Allegations They Gave Their Children Sedatives !

The Australian 2007-10-25: THE parents of British girl Madeleine McCann who disappeared in Portugal have rejected as "outrageous" allegations they gave their children sedatives, in their first television interview since being named as suspects in the case. "These sort of questions and the publication of them are nonsense and shouldn't be given the time of day,'' Madeleine's father Gerry McCann told Spanish television station Antena 3 in a with his wife Kate. "There is absolutely no suggestion that Madeleine and the children were drugged and it is outrageous,'' he said... more »

Unfortunately there isn't anymore TO read BUT we have what we need  'THERE IS ABSOLUTELY NO SUGGESTION',.... like ALL things McCann articles are removed to clean up their image'reputation' being the buzz word but what an interesting comment from McCann when placed in his new position of arguido.

Why did Kate deem it necessary to write in her book the children were drugged on two separate nights FOUR YEARS LATER ?...the libel trial and possible concrete evidence ,will it show this as fact ?  would appear to be the only thing that  make's any sense. We must wait and see what Dr.Amaral has in his defence, ALL articles I have read, he is in no doubt the children were drugged BUT can he prove it ? For once the McCanns and Amaral almost five years down the road appear to be singing from the same hymn sheet , yes the children were drugged....


Proof of sedation will not prove Madeleine is dead BUT it will give you one hell of a reason to avoid a PM !

#McCann #Freud And The #Microchip - Is There A Doctor In The House ?

For this to function we must do away with the NHS, that's Cameron's job !

MUDOCH'S FOX NEWS Pushing GPS Tracking Device - Claims It Could Have Prevented A Tragic Murder.

And if I may leave you with a final quote from the maybe not quite so bizarre Aragào Correia

At the beginning I had some reservations concerning that issue, because I had never heard about it, but I was interested careful enough to go on the internet and to consult several credible websites, including FBI and CIA sources, where I found some amazing things: the micro-chip was indeed being promoted as the ideal weapon to prevent crime. These sources added that the population should be induced into accepting this technological revolution, even if it was at the expense of a policy of deliberately promoting mass public insecurity. Well, the Maddie case fell like ‘manna from heaven’ for the promotion of the microchip, especially as far as children are concerned”.

And on that very puzzling note, the interview with Aragão Correia ended.

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#McCann : Fake Abductions - And The Perpetrators That Are Still Free

Peter and Heather's Christmas Wish

Baby Lisa to be found, laid to rest properly, and the arrests of Deborah Bradley for her murder, and Jeremy Irwin for conspiracy, lying to police, being effeminate refusing to be interviewed without Bradley present, and failing to protect this little darling.

And NO they will not be silenced, threatened or sued for their beliefs, AMERICA is the land of free speech !

CARTER RUCK If The Cap Fits ....
As an extra stocking stuffer here, can you throw in a disbarment of any  immoral money-loving sociopathic attorney who, in my own private, personal opinion, arrived just at the very moment that I believe police were obtaining a confession.   Just put the revoked licenses to practice law in my stocking; even a photocopy would be fine.  Which attorney, you ask?


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#McCann :Guess Whose Coming To Dinner - Waiter's - How Reliable Are They ? When So Clearly ONLY A Table For Eight

Fiona Payne Rogatory:' Every night there was somebody who was sick actually'

Erm, you know, there was, I’m trying to think if anyone was ill on the Sunday night actually, because we had a bit of illness in the group as well and there were nights, I think, every night there was somebody who was sick actually.

And I think Matt might have been ill on, it was either Sunday or the Monday, erm, and, you know, one of those nights he wasn’t there for dinner.

And then Rachael, erm, wasn’t there, I think that was the Wednesday night, she was ill, Tuesday or Wednesday. So there were night when, yeah, there was only eight of us at the table .


If we are truly living in the land of the free and the home of the brave, we'd better damn well prove it now....
     -- Mary Ferrell, November 1992

#McCann #Bellpottinger #Qorvis - Techniques Used To Silence Criticism On The Internet

The McCann Dictatorship - There is no evidence - You must believe what I say Or I Will Sue You.

A perfect example of online dictatorship, a means to silence their critics. How many on twitter and forums who refuse to be brainwashed by the McCann mantra have been verbally abused or stalked online ?

Read what happened to Maryam from the same type of McCann bullies who spend their days copy and pasting posts to take back to their den's to spew their hatred and this achieves just what exactly ?????


Within minutes of Maryam's speech (streamed live online) the global Bahraini PR machine went into dramatic overdrive. A tightly organized ring of Twitter accounts began to unleash hundreds of tweets accusing Maryam of being an extremist, a liar, and a servant of Iran. Simultaneously, the Oslo Freedom Forum's email account was bombarded with messages, all crudely made from a simple template, arguing that Maryam al-Khawaja is an enemy of the Bahraini people and a "traitor." Most of the U.S.-based fake tweeting, fake blogging (flogging), and online manipulation is carried out from inside Qorvis Communication's "Geo-Political Solutions" division.

The effort is mechanical and centrally organized, and it goes beyond the online world. In fact, right before Maryam was to give her speech, she noticed two young women in the crowd who stalk her speeches and heckled her a few days earlier at an event in the U.S.
More so than intimidation, violence, and disappearances, the most important tool for dictatorships across the world is the discrediting of critics like Maryam.


If we are truly living in the land of the free and the home of the brave, we'd better damn well prove it now....
     -- Mary Ferrell, November 1992

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#McCann #GarySpeed :Media Hypocrisy - Refusal To Publish McCann Police Files Which Show Inconsistances Yet Want To Out Gary Speed

PJ FILES that are of great public interest and PROVE the fund needs to be investigated - CENSORED

Warning over Gary Speed and peril of a shackled Press

'Public interest': Gary Speed and his wife Louise

MPs and lawyers warned last night that legitimate journalistic investigations must not be stifled by high profile inquiries into the conduct of the Press.
The mysterious death of football boss Gary Speed has highlighted concerns facing newspapers currently under fierce examination by the Leveson Inquiry.
Since the Wales manager was found dead at his family home last month, little has been reported by the Press about why the popular 42-year-old apparently committed suicide.
And the Times newspaper, in a strongly-worded editorial comment published yesterday, used the case to demonstrate what it says is the need for newspapers to be able to undertake inquiries and publish matters of legitimate public interest.
The Times, MPs and lawyers all pointed to the fact that the internet has been awash with lurid, widely varying and totally unsubstantiated rumours about the circumstances surrounding the death of the married father of two.
‘Mr Speed has been smeared, not by the Press but in its absence,’ said the Times editorial.
Tory MP Philip Davies, who sits on the Commons culture, media and sport committee, agreed, saying: ‘The problem is that we are seeing a chilling effect on the Press and the rest of the respectable media, leaving a large field clear to the unregulated internet and social media so people can peddle lots of things that are not true.
‘These things are best covered in the respectable media so you get the truth, rather than unpleasant smears and lies.

Gary Speed untold story

Respects: A book of condolences in memory of Gary Speed is opened at the Football of Wales offices in Cardiff
Respects: A book of condolences in memory of Gary Speed is opened at the Football of Wales offices in Cardiff
‘There is a danger that the Press feel they can’t report, and this chilling effect is counter- productive for all concerned. We should be treasuring free speech in this country, not having a situation where news organisations are scared to cover stories.
‘It cannot be helpful for the family to have all these lies peddled across the social media. I would prefer it if these things were reported responsibly.’
Media lawyer Mark Stephens was also concerned. He said: ‘When the Press is restrained from legitimate reporting on privacy issues and other matters, the unregulated world of the web comes into play.
‘There is then very little you can do about rumour and allegations which must be very troubling for his family, which can’t be scotched for the crimes that they are. There is a place for decent, responsible reporting. It also puts right all the false rumours.’
Mr Speed’s death is an unusual choice of topic for an editorial in the Times, but under the headline ‘Untold Story’ the paper said: ‘Gary Speed’s death raises matters of public interest that need to be reported.’
The Times added: ‘This story is being left alone. But the question has to be asked: is this reticence a good thing?’

Paying their respects: Fans at Leeds United's ground Elland Road show their grief at former player Gary Speed's death
Paying their respects: Fans at Leeds United's ground Elland Road show their grief at former player Gary Speed's death

Tributes: Hundreds of tributes including photographs, shirts and bouquets of flowers have been left at the Elland Road ground
Tributes: Hundreds of tributes including photographs, shirts and bouquets of flowers have been left at the Elland Road ground
The newspaper described phone-hacking as a ‘disgrace’ that demanded an inquiry but it warned: ‘It is critical, too, that we do not live in a society in which rumour takes the place of reporting, and misinformation triumphs over truth.’
Celebrity PR man Max Clifford, who warned last week that tabloid editors are too scared to publish sensational stories about the private lives of celebrities because they fear a backlash from readers angered by Press behaviour exposed at the Leveson Inquiry, also supported the Times argument.
He said: ‘I know of three people whose reputations are being tarnished and damaged by false stories and allegations, all of which would have been clarified if people had come out with their exclusive stories.
‘We all want a free Press but the reality is that at the moment the Press is not free. We have got a shackled Press.’
Read more:


#McCann's Turned A Tragedy Into A Cottage Industry

Spend Christmas Eve morning with HIMSELF as he takes a lighter look at life.

Also H has another article worth taking a look at, the ARGUIDO status explained in full.

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#McCann :The real reason the McCann couple 'won' an out of court settlement


Leveson Inquiry: Transcript of David Pilditch

Leveson Inquiry: David Pilditch statement

Questions by Mr Jay to David Pilditch (General News Journalist for Daily Express)

Cutting through the Leveson Inquiry cat-and-mouse questioning and getting down to the nitty gritties, during the questioning it came to light that Mr Pilditch was indirectly receiving information from the Portuguese police (PJ) via the Portuguese journalists.

Mr Jay seemed to suggest that information gleamed from these sources were unreliable because Mr Pilditch had not been in direct contact with the PJ.

However, this part of the questioning brings something of importance to the surface:

David Pilditch: “So basically, every day when I'd speak to the news desk, normally you'd say, "Look, this is what we know, this is what the police are saying, and that's taken as being fact", but the conversations I was having with the news desk were explaining the information I had with all the caveats that were attached to it.”

Mr Jay: Did you tell your news desk that which we see in paragraph 23 of your statement, namely:

"Due to the restrictions of the Portuguese law, anyone who was unhappy about something that had been written or said about them and wished to take legal action would almost certainly have been successful." Was that sentiment shared with your news desk at the time?

David Pilditch: Well, this is what I felt on the ground. I'm not a legal expert, but I felt that just the situation as it presented itself, that that was the case, and I'm certain that the news desk would have had conversations with lawyers about this, and there would have been discussions, ongoing discussions, and that was the situation we were in and there was no way around it.

Mr Jay: I must persist with the question.

Pilditch: Sorry, yes.

Jay: Yes. Did you share your discomfiture with your news desk?

Pilditch: Yes. I said "If we're going to have any problems, we may not be able to defend these things because we just cannot get any confirmation", and that was the difficulty.

So basically because of the Portuguese secrecy laws, the British journalists were unable to name the Portuguese police as their actual sources and as a result could be liable for court action if challenged.

But did the News articles have any substance to them? The statement made by David Pilditch for the Leveson Inquiry seems to suggest that what was printed was the truth:

“It was only months later, in July 2008 that Portugal’s Attorney General formally closed the investigation into Madeleine McCann’s disappearance.
Under the Portuguese system, the authorities released the official police file - more than 10,000 documents including photographs, official reports and witness statements including those of the McCanns.

Through the release of those documents and subsequent legal actions in Portugal it is now a matter of public record that the reports I was writing between September 2007 and January 2008 were truthful and accurate."

 A fact I’m sure the top lawyers working for the McCann couple would have been very much aware of and able to use in their the time.
It appears that the reason the McCann couple won an out of court settlement was not due to lies being printed, but that at the time the sources could not be confirmed due to the Portuguese secrecy laws.
No doubt they felt safe in the knowledge that due to the secrecy laws the police files would not see the light of day.
It seems they hadn't banked on the fact that the shelving of the case would allow those files to be released and eventually end up in the public domain for anyone to read.

It’s often been said in the past that the ‘truth will out’ eventually.
Posted by Sasha

David Leigh From the Guardian spouting McCann propaganda obviously has not read the PJ Files, for if he had he would know the McCanns HAVE NOT been cleared. Leigh ,however well aware the gullible public are paying into the McCanns HUSH FUND does not believe this information is of public interest.....

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#McCann : Taxi Driver On Friends Of The McCanns...McCanns Happy To Take HUSH Money For A 'FUND' That Needs To Be Seriously Investigated ! !

#McCann : #Leveson Whitewash - Milly Dowler Is Not Murdoch's Victim She Is A Victim For The Elite...

The Leveson inquiry is a game, a farce, it's purpose, to tighten the noose on media coverage so that the McCanns of this world may profit from their crimes as we have witnessed over the last four years without getting caught. Milly Dowler is Leveson's puppet , a  tool to achieve that goal. Read Guido's comments section for more enlightenment  on the Leveson sham.

#McCanns : Elementary Force Picks Up On What We ALL Know - McCanns Did And Still Do Control The Spineless British Media Propaganda Machine

Via twitter:

@ Elementary Force

Flanagan "Question :  Why didn't you seek comment from before stories published?

Answer :  Seeking comment from McCann's a routine part of working day".

ALL Stories BOUNCED OFF Clarence Mitchell !

#McCanns #ClarenceMitchell :Begging For Money To Stack Up The Fraudulent Fund - Some May Call Him A Pimp !

#McCanns #Leveson #Pilditch - Paragraph 25 "All stories bounced off Clarence Mitchell ... strictly adhered to!

H/T Via ElementaryForce via twitter
Pilditch para 25 "All stories bounced off Clarence Mitchell ... strictly adhered to

McCann Propaganda Supplied By Clarence Mitchell NOW Confirmed By Pilditch

#McCanns To Sue Gonçalo Amaral - Have They The Right ? You Decide AND It Is Worth Remembering Amaral Wants The Case Re-Opened The Parents Do Not - You Must Ask Yourself Why !

#McCann Case :#Leveson - Myler said he got the information already printed in Portugal from information provided by the Police and the McCanns did not take any action then. Leveson says "it is all very ambiguous " so may well call the McCanns back to explain ..

#Leveson Becomes The #McCann Show ! Only Question Left Is This - Who Will Play The Teflon Duo ?

#Leveson And The #McCann HOAX !

#McCann #NHS #Freud :Matthew Freud picks up £1m-a-year contract with Department of Health

Whitehall awards public health campaign contract to Freud Communications, whose clients include Pepsi and KFC
Matthew Freud, owner of Freud Communications, is the son of writer Sir Clement Freud and husband of Rupert Murdoch's daughter Elisabeth. Photograph: Rann Chandric/Rann Chandric /eyevine
The Chipping Norton set might not be getting together for the festive season this year, but Christmas came early for one of its main movers yesterday, courtesy of a £1m a year contract with Whitehall.

The Department of Health announced that from January, its entire public relations work on public health would be handled by Matthew Freud's communication agency, which lists several fast and snack food producers among its clients.

Distinct strands of public health work – such as obesity and smoking – were handled as separate accounts managed by different agencies, but now all the work will be rolled up into a single account for MEC managing all the media planning and Freud Communications, the firm founded and largely owned by Rupert Murdoch's son in law. Freud is married to Elisabeth Murdoch.,

The contract was awarded after a formal tendering process. The DoH said the single campaign would increase efficiency, by streamlining all communications: "Too often the department has held separate conversations with the same people, one day talking to them about their diet, the next about their alcohol consumption without recognising the linked behaviours."

Sheila Mitchell, the Department's Head of Marketing, added that: "Freud Communications delivered a really exciting pitch. They have some big ideas that we believe will not only promote good health but will really change people's behaviour".

But public health experts expressed scepticism about the government's real commitment to public health. In the wake of the announcement, Professor Helen Ward of Imperial College said last night: "There may be some merit in approaching health promotion in a generic way, but this comes as part of an overall government strategy which has focussed on deals with big business at the exclusion of the multilayered approach which is required. That would go beyond campaigns to nudge people into changing behaviour, and include regulation – something business always resists".

Other Freud clients include Pepsi, KFC, Walkers Crisps and the premium drinks company, Diageo. Public health lobby groups, including Diabetes UK and the British Heart Foundation, previously refused to sign up to health secretary Andrew Lansley's "responsibility deals" with food and alcohol producers, amid fears about vested interests.

Professor Graham MacGregor, chair of the salt-reduction campaign CASH, said: "Andrew Lansley inherited a plan on salt which was leading the world, but this has now given way to confusion. The reliance on PR people with deep links to the food industry deepens the anxieties about public health in the UK."

Freud handled the anti-obesity Change4Life campaign, which brought in fees of £45,000 a month; it is thought the combined campaign will earn about £85,000 a month, or £1m a year. Mitchell said that a percentage of this will be forfeited if the new campaign does not achieve its targets.

Industry insiders said this was the biggest Whitehall PR contract awarded since the election.
Diane Abbott, shadow public health minister, said: "It is really creepy. Big business is now completely in the driving seat of the country's public health policies. Big fast food firms and drinks companies are writing the policy, and corporate lobbyists are delivering the message"
Freud PR said that the firm had no immediate conflicts of interest because the health department contract took in work about smoking and the early diagnosis of cancer in old people.

It is understood that the company does not represent any tobacco or pharmaceutical clients.
Insiders said that the pitch process was "pretty robust" and that given the family links to News Corp, that had to be the case.

#McCann's STILL Insist They Were Not Hacked - Are There More HUSH Deals To Come ?

List of Nick Fagge articles re: s (includes deleted articles) posted on twitter by Winnower who has informed us Nick will appear at Leveson tomorrow

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#McCann Case : Russell O'Brien So Many Many Lies !

#McCann #PiersMorgan Led Up The Garden Path !

Worth taking another look at the McCann interview with Piers Morgan along with the stunning work from Sasha, makes one wonder how the McCanns have fooled so many for so long !


#McCanns Gagging #Leveson Inquiry ?

NOTW Hacking News

There is a lot more to come out re McCanns. But as usual - the legal guff is blocking it.!/NOTW_Hack_News

Would that be HUSH money paid by The Sun on sedation of Maddie ? because the page has been pulled and for sure they did not sue their much needed SUN to promote their propaganda !
See page 10. (This is not the HUSH money because Mitchell was already bragging about it two years ago, there is something else)

As The #McCann Scam Continues With A New Fraudulent Thought - A Record For Christmas With Proceeds Going To The Fraudulent Fund - Spare A Thought For Justice And Little Maddie xx

The #McCanns, if they didn't have anything to do with the disappearance of Madeleine McCann and want to find her and who took her, they ought to be using donations to look for a dead child in Praia da Luz buried in someone's backyard.

Criminal Profiling Topic of the Day: Why Madeleine McCann is Likely Dead

 The Daily Profiler

Kate and Gerry McCann at launch of 'Madeleine'
Criminal Profiler Pat Brown

Thursday, December 15, 2011 1:23 PM

No one likes to think of an abducted child as being dead, least of all the parents. Even detectives on a case hold out hope that a kidnapped juvenile will be found alive and returned home to his or her family. Police officers deal enough every day with sad endings and they cross their fingers and hope that this time, they will save a child's life, not find her skeleton in the weeds along the side of a road. They would like to triumphantly reunite the child with her parents, not knock on the door and deliver the dreaded message to the poor mother and father.

But, then there is reality. Most stranger abductions don't end well unless you stop them in progress. Unfortunately, the statistics out there on child abduction are vague and distorted. In spite of stranger child abduction being a major fear of parents the world over, it is hard to the actual facts on the issue. Here are the only bits I could find on the statistics:

115 children were the victims of "stereotypical" kidnapping. (These crimes involve someone the child does not know or someone of slight acquaintance, who holds the child overnight, transports the child 50 miles or more, kills the child, demands ransom, or intends to keep the child permanently.)

  • 40% of children in stereotypical kidnappings are killed.
  • 4% of children are never found.
  • 79% kidnappings are carried out by strangers and 21% by acquaintances.
In 46 percent of non-family abductions, the child was sexually assaulted. Of abducted children who are ultimately murdered, 74 percent are dead within three hours of the abduction

Okay, so what do we actually have here? Of the 115 stereotypical kidnapped children, a good portion of these are pre-teens or teens that sex predators took and killed or enslaved as their little wives. A bunch are babies that some women wanted to pretend were their own. Some of these children were found quickly, within hours, and were saved from a worse fate. Some were kidnapped by a close acquaintance who was angry with the family for some reason.

Very few are toddlers or little girls from ages three to five. There seem to be no exact statistics on the age of the children abducted, by whom, and what happened to them. So, in lieu of finding these, I put out a challenge to the folks that believe statistics support Madeleine McCann being alive. I asked people to give me the names of little girls who had been abducted by total strangers who were found alive after months or years. So, far I have had only one name given to me; Tara Burke, a toddler who was found alive ten months after she was abducted by a sexual predator duo. This crime was 29 years ago in 1982.

I can, however, name little girl after little girl who was abducted by a stranger and was found dead in the following days, weeks, months, or years. But, so far, I have only been given the name of one child victim over a period of three decades who was found alive. I am sure there are a few more but the point I am making is there are incredibly few of these cases with a "happy ending" in comparison to little abducted girls who have been murdered by their kidnappers. Yes, a few preteen and teen girls have been found alive after being abducted: Jaycee Dugard, Elizabeth Smart, Natascha Kampusch - these girls were kept as sex slaves and were at an age the rapist viewed them as "young women" who should enjoy being taught sex techniques and could learn how to please the captor. Little three-year-old girls like Madeleine McCann are not going to do well in the "girlfriend" department and will lie there and cry and scream. Little girls are raped and murdered almost 100% of the time. Sad but true.

Therefore, if Madeleine McCann was indeed kidnapped by a stranger, there is very little possibility she was alive even three hours later. Does that mean a truly good tip should be ignored that points in the direction that she is alive and held captive somewhere? Of course not. She could be the one in whatever high number that wasn't murdered. But, detectives have to be realistic when it comes to using resources. They can't waste millions of dollars and massive hours of manpower running down ridiculous sightings and unlikely scenarios.

Likewise, Gerry and Kate McCann should tell donators that, although they hope Madeleine will be the miracle child recovered alive this decade, they recognize the chances of that happening are very, very slim. Then, if people want to contribute to finding a perpetrator who might have taken Maddie and killed her (to get justice and save other little girls), they can do that. If they want to give money in spite of the horribly poor odds of finding Madeleine alive, this is their choice. But the McCanns should tell the truth and donators should know it.

The McCanns, if they didn't have anything to do with the disappearance of Madeleine McCann and want to find her and who took her, they ought to be using donations to look for a dead child in Praia da Luz buried in someone's backyard.

McCann Case : Why Won't They Just SHUT UP !

new kate

Why won’t they just shut up? Or, to put it more delicately, why are they just as intent now on getting stories into the media as they were, say, in the far off days of November 2007? What’s going on?

A campaign?

Yes, absolutely. Not the diary nonsense—that wasn’t part of any plan, only Mitchell aiming a fire extinguisher at the flames ignited in the Leveson inquiry. For the rest, just look at the evidence. 
The McCann  stories over the last month have been invented and offered to the media, not sought out by them, and they are all linked. Equally they haven’t been provided transparently in the normal manner—by media conferences or press releases—but by a news management team using the usual tricks: anonymity, source material restrictions, contact with favoured journalists, “false dialogues” (in which one of the media team pretends to be responding to a story which they have in fact provided) and a definite “line”. All the kind of stuff which isn’t far from phone hacking in its conscious duplicity and which has helped to land the press in its present miserable state.

The material about Scotland Yard, about Metodo and about the latest “abduction” claim has all been provided using these tricks and the parents are clearly the source. Ah, the supporters of the parents might say, this is all part of the never-ending “search for Maddie”.

No. The first Scotland Yard story speculating about the Barcelona sighting does not appeal for further information but actively misleads; the second Scotland Yard-related  piece about Metodo does not seek information about the child;the latest story about “police accept abduction theory” is concerned only with the veracity of the parents’ version of events and does not involve Madeleine McCann at all.

Who gains?

So it’s not about the child.  What is it about? The obvious answer is ask the parents. But it says something about their weird and unassailable place in society that the mere idea of asking them such a question, let alone getting an answer, is literally incredible. In the absence of any openness from the pair we can only say that it looks like they are seeking somehow  to influence the news.

As in November 2007? But they were suspects then! Skulking in Rothley while their agents looked to thwart a European Arrest Warrant by “expunging” doubt and cementing vital public support. Now they’ve been exonerated. They have their review.  There isn’t a word of criticism in the media and their privacy is respected. They have their own detectives checking for any possible sightings of the child. They are, by dint of the fund which directly benefits them, rich. And they have the ear of virtually anyone they wish to meet, from the archbishop of Canterbury to the home secretary. Left alone to get on with their work the British and Portuguese police may even find their daughter. So what’s wrong?


Given the circumstances there can only be two answers. The first is that the parents have lost it. There is the darkness surrounding the disappearance of their daughter, a darkness that can never be shared; and their subsequent fame brought with it the threat to identity chronicled in numberless celebrity  break-downs and suicides. Kate McCann, indeed, that veteran of the Oprah Winfrey show, can remind one  of the grotesque star of Sunset Boulevard in her consuming need for public approbation and belief. And Gerry McCann seems quite unable to communicate without simultaneously, perhaps unconsciously, burnishing the image which he believes that same public have of him. Perhaps their compulsive leaking and spinning is a symptom, not a vice.


The only other interpretation that would fit all the facts is that, while both may be unwell, their latest campaign has a certain rationality: just as in November 2007 they are attempting to use the media, and therefore the public, as a human shield. Only this time we cannot yet see the threat which they fear will engulf them.

Monday, December 19, 2011

#McCann Propaganda : Clarence Mitchell Spin Doctor

From the comments section

CC says:

“The Guardian says the money was paid “on condition that the terms of the deal remained secret”. A confidentiality agreement was signed in September 2008.”
Yes, this deal was so hush-hush and confidential that Clarence Mitchell, in his role as family spokesman and roving ambassador for Freud Communications, felt able to put the figure in a powerpoint presentation to IIR Middle East’s annual PR Congress in Dubai in November 2009.
This presentation has been publicly available here for two years:
See page 10.
However, there is another payment from the News of the World to the McCanns that remains very hush-hush and as yet unreported. Perhaps this press release is supposed to disguise that?

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