Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Mari Olli sighting...


They had questions about a statement by Mari Olli, a Norwegian who swore she’d seen Madeleine in Marrakesh and had rung the Spanish police.  Kate explains how the Spanish and Portuguese police did nothing about it. The CCTV camera in the shop wasn’t checked in time.Kate insists in the book that the girl Mari Olli saw could really be Madeleine.

Mari Olli is married with Ray Pollard, born and raised at Groby, Leicester

The Norwegian social worker who says that she saw Madeleine McCann in Morroco is married to Ray Polard, born and raised at Leicester, and the couple lived for some time in Groby, a ten minutes ride from Rothley, where the McCann live, and five minutes from the hospital where Gerry MaCann works. Mari Olli and her husband live in Spain, Málaga. Since Madeleine disappeared, Polícia Judiciária had to send teams of investigators to 256 diferent localities, in Portugal, to investigate alleged sightings of the missing child, according to Carlos Anjos, president of ASFIC, PJ Inspector's Union.