Monday, June 20, 2011

Norman Volker Franz: interview with Sandra Franz

Reconstruction in four parts on the life of Crime of Norman Volker Franz. Sandra Franz helped Norman to escape from prison by slipping a blade into a belt ,they then went on the run, Sandra at this time was pregnant.

Sandra met Norman when she was just 16 years old, Norman seven years her senior, he had fast cars, money and was a good student. Sandra from a poor background , while training to become a butcher was besotted with the good looks of Norman, although there was a darker side to him, Sandra would only  discover this much later in their relationship.

I do not believe that Norman Volker Franz would have been at anytime interested in watching the McCanns on their four day visit to Portugal, drugging their children on May 2nd, to only return  May 3rd, to drug them again taking Madeleine with him. Norman Volker Franz has enough problems without tagging little Maddie along whose face is known by millions, this man is trying to keep a low profile !