Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Catriona Baker why was she signing creche records instead of the parents?


Creche timesheet by Hi- de-Ho.

I believe Madeleine died May 1st. May 2nd there was a lot of activity, Kate telphoned her friend Amanada just after 7 am twice, Amanda returned her calls. The cleaner noticed cots in seperate rooms, she also commented the children were not there, would they normally have been present when she arrived for her to make such a remark ? 

Cat Baker signed the creche sheet May 2nd for Madeleine  and in the afternoon there is a signature for Kate Healy ? Cat Baker, Thursday 3rd May, signature once again where a parents should be, signed in for Ella O'Brien.

There was ONLY one child in the group who could have taken the place of Madeleine and that was Ella O'Brien.

Kate desperate in her book to have everyone believe she was a HEALY until May 4th, even though the rest of the days she signed herself in at the creche as Kate McCann.

Here is a mother claiming they had been watched a paedophile had taken her daughter...he had returned on two occasions to drug her children and where were the twins the very next day?  back in the creche, signed in and out by their good friends Dianne Webster and Fiona Payne , whom it would appear also did not have much concern for an abductor stalking the sleepy village of PDL !!!!