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Who will forgive the Tapas nine ?

Each and everyone carries the burden of guilt, one may have played a larger role than the other, but they all hid the truth and lied. Their solidarity has allowed the McCanns to commit crime after crime, the crime of fraud on the pretext of needing money to pay charlatan detectives to search for their daughter. The McCanns are now about to embark in another game , their choice of venue, Germany.  What they have in store for the gullible public soon to be revealed, 'a sighting' another 'mystery man'  ? But beware McCann's the German people are not so gullible, as you found to your cost back in 2007. 

The two NHS doctors have taken donations from small vulnerable children who baked cakes, the elderly, with little money to spare. They have used the Catholic and Islamic religions to take money from those who truly believed. The Tapas 7 have stood by and let them do so.

 Will the children forgive the Tapas Nine?

The elderly, will they forgive the Tapas Nine?

When Sabine Mueller rattled the cage

Sabine Mueller asked the million dollar question and the bad news day quickly covered by a 'mystery man' who knew the  location of Madeleine. The call did not happen and there was no 'mystery man' , just Clarence Mitchell pulling the strings but it took the heat and headline news away from the question of the McCanns being involved. Voilá.

As back up, we had Aunt Phils comments in the Mail of PJ'sboozy lunches and the Police laughing at Madeleine on TV.

But this time we know how the system works and just what kind of people the McCann clan really are.

I think one should be prepared as the McCanns may have a few little surprises like this up their sleeve, it worked before, it may work again. Although it would have to be pretty spectacular, the McCanns have become a British embarrassment.

Brian Healy tries for headline news

It is a sad day when the father of Kate, who only heard what was said by a third party, tries for headline news in Liverpool. If Madeleine's story has been turned into a joke, it is the fault of her parents and the parents of Kate who have stood by and listened to their daughters lies. A parent always knows when their child is lying and the Healys know full well by now Madeleine is not coming home and was not abducted.

Of northern breeding 'What will people say ?' comes first and Kates first words when told she was to be made an arguida, her only concern 'What will people say'. Kate always thinking of herself. Brian Healy living proof that the apple never falls far from the tree.

No one has forgotten Kate Healys comment 'Whoever she's with she will be giving them her tuppence worth'

And last but not least, the comment from her 'loving' father, when mentioning her eye defect 'The good marketing ploy'

Germany and the McCanns looking for Mr.X.

An article from a German magazine only weeks after the 'alleged' abduction of Madeleine. Reading between the lines (no pun intended) the German people are a very serious nation and not easily fooled. Already pointing out an inconsistancy in the McCanns story.

Reading on, the observant reporter noticed as the McCanns were leaving, a woman standing at the entrance handed Dr.McCann a note 'Information' she whispered.

'A Norwegian tourist told them she saw a blonde child wearing pyjamas'

I remember how later ,after the death of Doris Stokes, (who claimed she spoke to dead children) it was revealed people in the audience were paid to claim they were the parents. Doris Stokes was a charlatan.

I had the very same feeling now when reading of a woman handing the McCanns information,  all just part of the act. Charlatans.

They have done their utmost to ensure that the story of their daughter Madeleine doesn't die. They jet around the world in a private plane a British businessman has made available. They have the support of the pope, David Beckham, Joanne K. Rowling, Prince Charles and all of Britain. In fact, they have the whole world behind them. They are running the largest privately-organised hunt in history.

On the evening of May 3, the McCanns put their children -- two-year-old twins Sean and Amelie and their eldest daughter Madeleine, who was three at the time -- to bed in a two-room apartment on the mezzanine level of the "Ocean Club." The family was vacationing in Praia da Luz, a resort on Portugal's Algarve coast.
Gerry and Kate McCann waited until their children were asleep, and at about 8 p.m. they left the apartment to join friends at the resort's restaurant only about 150 feet away. Indeed, they were so close that they were able to watch the door of their apartment from the table. As the McCanns would later testify, they checked on the children every half hour.

At about 10 p.m., and in this respect their accounts are contradictory, Kate opened the door to the apartment to check on the children. Madeleine's sandals stood in front of her bed, and Cuddly Cat, the girl's stuffed animal, was on the bed next to the pillow. The twins were asleep. But the window was open and Madeleine was not in her bed. A few minutes later Gerry saw his wife running out of the apartment, screaming.

Madeleine, now four years old, went missing on May 3.
Madeleine, now four years old, went missing on May 3.
Appeal to German tourists

The incident happened more than five weeks ago, and the couple has been searching ever since. Speaking directly to the cameras, Gerry McCann, a 39-year-old physician, appeals to all German tourists who were in Praia da Luz during the two weeks before May 3 to look through their vacation photos. Maybe they show some unknown person in the background. McCann holds up a sign with an Internet address to which photos can be uploaded. Police experts, he says, will examine the photos for possible clues.

They are looking for a Mister X, and they believe he could have been captured by a tourist's camera.

There is already a suspect. Gerry McCann rattles off the description. A man was seen at the resort, he says, who looked about 35 to 40, was approximately 1.75 meters (5' 9") tall, had short black hair, and was wearing a jacket, beige trousers and dark shoes. An everyman.

Why are you searching in Germany? a reporter asks.

"According to the experts, the Algarve is especially popular among the Germans and the Dutch, next to the British," says McCann, speaking in a hard Scottish accent.

There has been criticism of your media campaign, someone says.

"Every step has been coordinated with the experts," says McCann. "You know, it's a good feeling to be able to do something. Just sitting around and waiting -- no one can endure that."

How much longer will you continue your search?

"I don't know. Weeks? Months? We don't want a long campaign. We pray that it will be over every day."

Do you think about the possibility that Madeleine could be dead? someone asks.

"We think it's more likely that she is alive," says McCann.

Do you blame yourself?

"Yes, we are the parents."

The press conference ends and they hurry off to their next meeting. A woman standing at the entrance hands Gerry McCann a note. "Information," she whispers. McCann thanks the woman and places the note into a binder -- the one containing all the other notes people hand him every day.

They climb into the blue-gray Renault, and Gerry McCann looks around, almost as if he were getting his bearings. The car takes them to the justice ministry. Later on they have an appointment with Klaus Wowereit, Berlin's mayor. It's a hot day in Berlin. They are more than 2,000 kilometers (1,243 miles) from the place where the whole thing began. But that ceased to be an issue long ago.

The McCanns, together with other vacationers and club employees, spent the night and the early morning hours of May 4 searching the resort. The police arrived and the search continued until morning, but unsuccessfully. The McCanns called friends at home in Britain, and the friends immediately began using their connections. One friend knew a news reader, and another lived on the same street as the brother of Gordon Brown, the future prime minister.

Stars, business leaders join campaign

The story of Madeleine's disappearance quickly gathered momentum. Reporters and television crews traveled to Praia da Luz, and the Portuguese police, feeling the pressure, dispatched 150 officers to comb through the grounds and search wells and garbage cans. The owner of the resort provided the McCanns with a press agent, and as the media descended on the small community, the couple began giving interviews and press conferences. Friends put together a home page, which received 170 million hits in the coming weeks. Scotland Yard sent experts to Portugal, as the search for Madeleine McCann became a national affair -- and continued to grow.

David Beckham appealed for help in a TV commercial, as did Cristiano Ronaldo, the Portuguese star at Manchester United and a native of the country where Madeleine disappeared. A video of Madeleine was shown at half-time during the FA Cup final, and British cinemas will soon begin showing a short film about Madeleine before each movie. Prince Charles says that he prays for the McCanns, the pope grants them an audience and blesses a photo of Madeleine, companies like BP, McDonald's and Exxon display photos of Madeleine in their outlets, the McCanns give press conferences in Madrid and Seville, and celebrities like Virgin CEO Richard Branson and football star Wayne Rooney donate a reward of three million pounds for valuable information.

Joanne K. Rowling plans to have bookmarks with Madeleine's picture printed and included with the latest of her "Harry Potter" books.

British police are planning to display pictures of Madeleine in the Second Life virtual world. And the McCanns are also reported to be trying to convince search engine Google to display their daughter's eyes in the double Os in its name on its site. The couple told news agency AFP that Google had yet to respond to their request.

The McCanns stagger through Berlin as if possessed. He, straight-backed, wears a black jacket. She, thin and petite, wears a pink top and holds a worn stuffed animal in her hand: Cuddly Cat. They want to keep public interest in the case alive as long as possible. About 1,600 children and adolescents disappear in Germany every year, but there are no reliable figures for Britain. The numbers conceal silent fates and unknown folders in forgotten search files, the files that represent dead stories, cold cases.

Photogenic parents

Perhaps the McCanns were lucky, or perhaps their case contains all the requisite elements of a media event: a likeable professional couple, a pretty blonde girl, a club in Portugal, the ocean. No subsidized housing and no alcohol. The McCanns seemed made for the front pages, suitable to be turned into icons, people with whom one can identify. And everyone would do exactly what the McCanns have done -- if they had the means. Now it's become possible to follow the McCanns as they travel the world searching for their missing daughter. Two parents on the hunt for Mr. X.

Essentially there has been no news for weeks -- no new suspect and no new information. As the McCanns run from one appearance to the next, they are also running for themselves, running to reassure themselves that they are doing everything humanly possible.

It's afternoon and the McCanns are standing next to Mayor Klaus Wowereit in Berlin's Red City Hall. They have spent 15 minutes with the mayor, but what they discussed isn't entirely clear. Nor is it clear how the mayor of Berlin can help this couple. But the room is full of journalists, and that's all that counts at this juncture. Maddie's story must not die.

The McCanns are already in Amsterdam by evening. Their next stop is Morocco. A Norwegian tourist told them that she saw a man there with a blonde child wearing pajamas.

The child spoke English.

Translated from the German by Christopher Sult

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The outraged royalists crying "shame" on Kitty

Dr.Goncalo Amaral should be quickly reminded of the British Establishment and the banning of books when it suits. Kitty Kelley wrote a book The Royals, banned from being read by the British Public.

Dr.Amaral quoted as saying in the Algarve ' I believe that the British people have the right to read an objective and well reasoned literary work. I think that it would be strange that the oldest democracy in the World was not able to publish and read this book.'

English ways are stranger than fiction. The British Goverment and I include  the Royal family, have a lot of dirty little secrets, when the need arises may be taken from the closet and used to cover other dirty bigger secrets. The cover-up of the McCann case runs right to the heart of her Majesty's Goverment. The Establishment will find a way to stop this book from reaching her fair and greenest land. However, there is always America.

A couple of reviews about 'the book' from 1997.

I tried to purchase this book through Amazon, but I was told that it could not be shipped to UK addresses. This is apparently due to an official ban imposed by the British Government. By chance, I then found a copy when browsing in a local 'bargain' bookshop; the book cannot be obtained from large bookstore chains in the UK such as Waterstones etc. I found it to be reasonably well researched, and far more intelligently written than articles one might read about 'the royals' in the British tabloids. Ms Kelley rightly indicates throughout her book the huge amounts of money that the various post- war debacles of the Mountbatten- Windsor family have cost the British people. How ironic, then, that we are the only people in the world who are officially not allowed to read this book! What do the international community think about this? Opinions please!
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7 of 7 people found the following review helpful:
4.0 out of 5 stars Delicious gossip, served with a silver spoon., December 27, 1997
By A Customer
This review is from: Royals (Hardcover)
The outraged royalists crying "shame" on Kitty should take a reality check- particularly the reviewer from Dublin who expressed such contempt for Miss Kelly. Is Princess Margaret to be defended after issuing such public statements as "The Irish are all pigs?" Yes, this book was a cold, hard slap in the face of the house of Windsor- and this reader has no sympathy. I felt that Miss Kelly's book showed the house of Windsor to be what it is- a crumbling institution that serves no purpose, except for the amusement of the tabloids. Miss Kelly presented a portrait of self serving parasites out of touch with their land and people, and she did it with skill. It was a fast paced, entertaining read, not always unsympathetic, but always fascinating. A revealing portrait of those who consider themselves our "betters," but, sadly and obviously, are not.

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No Weapon Stronger then the Truth

Dr.Goncalo Amaral could take the words Sinatra crooned and use them for his own  'I took the blows, but I did it my way'. Three Portuguese Judges combined with the faith  Dr. Amaral  always had in the judicial system (although at times it seemed to let him down) have stated the investigation was right to make the McCanns arguidos.  

The McCanns now silent. Clarence Mitchell, wonderful to no longer hear his voice , long may the silence reign.

No more the mantra 'There is no evidence Madeleine has come to any serious harm' No more slip ups from Clarence Mitchell 'The McCanns are not responsible for Madeleines death'

ANORAK saying they were right all along. ANORAK,  who are best known for calling Madeleine by the affectionate term, 'Our Maddie'
Maybe they could go one step further and ask the McCanns , where is 'Our Maddie?'

It has been too long and it is time she came home.

As Anorak’s AGW wrote 8 MONTHS AGO:
You know when an accident is going to happen. They even have corporate speak phrases for it these days: “Risk Assessment” is one.
You know when a playing kitten is going to fall from the arm of the chair, you know when the child is going trip and fall, no matter how quick you are to try and get there.
Sometimes you see disasters being created and thundering, in silent-movie slowed down train-wreck style, toward you or others and there’s little you can do other than stand and watch horror-struck by the enormity of it all.
You know the accident’s about to happen and there is nothing you can do but perhaps wonder why you knew?
It has nothing to do with sixth senses, it is because the most powerful computer known to man, your brain, has gathered in all the previous experiences you have weighed in the balance and made a predictive analysis.
That is what is so strange about the current and past behaviour of the parents of the missing child Madeleine McCann.
gon%C3%A7alo+amaral Madeleine McCann: McCanns Legal Pitfalls As Amarals Book Goes Back On Sale   Anorak was RightThey have started a court action defending their reputations in Lisbon because the former chief investigating officer Goncalo Amaral, above, is accusing them of being involved in Madeleine’s disappearance. They have also started an action seeking a money settlement for the Portuguese equivalent of libel and in addition are taking on a Lisbon-based documentary production unit for reporting on the detective’s objected to book and the case.
Lisbon was never going to be a perfect spot for the McCann’s to start legal sparring and this week they were dealt what can only be termed a body-blow when the detective’s lawyers produced evidence the UK’s top criminal profiler has said there were “contradictions” in their statements and both should be treated as possible “homicide” suspects.
No arguments, no amount of reshuffling or clarifications can change that and the facts can not be forced back into the can of worms which the McCann parents themselves have allowed to be opened.
          Damage Limitation
The background PR work after the Lisbon shocker has been impressive. The McCann lawyers strode from the courtroom and counter-claimed there were tens, hundreds or more sightings of the missing girl. The UK’s Red Tops dutifully followed the thread and reported the lawyer’s statement. My experience and training gave the brain the predictive text that this looked like a smoke screen, a damage limitation. The missing fact was all these sightings came after the McCann’s themselves had been released from Arguido, suspect, status. The case was archived. It was a cold, leading nowhere, case in the eyes of the top legal and police professionals in Portugal…the responsible authorities have no clues and have suspended work on the case.
It has already been said in these columns, taking on the Portuguese legal system was going to be a minefield but there is one question:
Who is taking the responsibility for the Risk Assessment for this McCann course of action?
Whoever it was needs to be replaced or kept out of the limelight.
Mass public opinion is turning. The McCanns are slipping lower and lower down the celebs’ to be seen with list, certainly no-longer A list and slightly embarrassing to be around according to some whispers.
The McCanns are innocent. No charges have been brought against anyone…except the Chief Investigating Police Officer, Goncalo Amaral.
Wake up!
A second question would have to be: Who on earth took the Risk Assessment decision Amaral was a buffoon an incompetent, bungling, Jacques Clouseau Pink Panther type of police officer?
Come on, wake up! Police officers do not rise through the ranks to positions of authority without being good thief-takers and being very good at spotting the wrongness of something.
Amaral is tougher than the baying section of Britain’s media has portrayed.
The McCanns are becoming battered and worn by this. Just look at their recent photographs. The child is still missing, lost, gone. Arguments still rage over the rightness or wrongness of it all.
Something is judgementally wrong in the Risk Assessments taken here. This week has been hugely damaging to the McCann’s and their cause. The information given this week in the Lisbon court can no longer be ignored or forgotten. It will have a high cost and one of the costs are potential new helpers and donations to the campaign of finding the child. The parents WERE involved in Madeleine’s disappearance because they left her alone to her fate and that is a tragic inescapable fact. No legal action, nor anything else, can change it.
The truly awful fact is this piece been written and illustrated without one mention of the first names, professions or use of photographs of the McCann parents but everyone of you knows the name, the job and carries the image for further risk assessment.
That is a risk position NOT to be in.
You can now buy the book in Portugal, and read Amaral’s opinion that Our Maddie died in an accident at the McCanns’ holiday home in Praia da Luz in 2007. Amaral, who worked on the investigation, also alleges Gerry and Kate faked her abduction.

Maddie: The truth of the Lie: Book review

A book review on Dr.Amarals book from two years ago.
Written by Blogger.. Funride . Portugal.
Also includes updates on the lifting of the ban. (Scroll to bottom of article)

I have some difficulties remembering the last time I read a book from top to bottom without interruptions. This book was written by one of the former Portuguese judicial police inspectors (Gonçalo Amaral) responsible for the investigation of Madeleine McCann´s missing that happened more than two years ago (03 May 2007) while in vacation with her parents in Algarve, Portugal.

Frankly I must admit I felt something was wrong with the investigations when no one suspected of any other scenario but the kidnapping after knowing that a group of parents  use to dine in a restaurant leaving all their children alone sleeping in their apartments.

If one tried to put himself in all those parents` position it is easy to realize that if some accident had occurred during the time they were at the restaurant they all would immediately feel guilty of what happened and I believe it is possible to conceive they could all try to minimize the damage doing everything to make it look like a kidnapping. Of course this is all hypotheses and does not prove anything by it self.
Watch the impressive documentry about this case near the end of this page just above the comment box.
Maddie - A Verdade da Mentira - The True of Lie
Maddie - A Verdade da Mentira - The True of Lie

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Etan Patz and Madeleine McCann

The McCanns and their thirst to connect and use any child to make it appear like their alleged abduction. The two cases could not be further apart. But hey do'nt let that stop them.

22 years later: A judge declares Etan Patz dead in June of 2001 at the request of his parents who want to pursue a wrongful death lawsuit against Jose Antonio Ramos, the man they believe killed their child. Ramos is currently in jail for child molestation and has allegedly confessed to other inmates that he killed Patz.

Etan Patz around the time of his abduction.
Etan Patz was 6 years old on March 25, 1979, when he got dressed for school and bounded out the door to walk two blocks to his school bus stop in lower Manhattan. It was the first time that his mother was allowing him to make the walk all by himself.

My own son, 7, is constantly asking me to let him do this. *Shudder*

Patz never made it to school. Never made it on the bus. When he failed to come home later in the day, his parents alerted police and a massive search ensued, lasting for weeks. Patz's disappearance generated a media circus in New York and is credited with launching the missing children movement. His was the first picture to appear on the milk carton campaign.

The main suspect was and still is Jose Antonio Ramos, a friend of Patz's one-time babysitter. Ramos, a convicted child molester, admitted to the boy's murder while serving time for an unrelated case of abusing boys in a correctional facility. But without a body or direct link, the district attorney said he could not officially charge him for the crime.

Patz's parents, Stanley and Julie, launched a civil case against Ramos for wrongful death and won $2 million, which they never collected because Ramos is still serving time. He's due to get out of jail in two years.
Just two days ago, the new Manhattan District Attorney Cyrus R. Vance agreed to reopen the case, making good on a campaign promise to try to bring suspect Jose Antonio Ramos to justice.

madeleine mccann
Madeleine McCann

And across the ocean in England, Gerry and Kate McCann got news   that a new witness has come forward in the case of their daughter Madeleine, a case that captured worldwide attention. Gerry and Kate left their daughter, on the verge of her 4th birthday, asleep alone in a rental apartment at a Portugal resort, along with their younger twins, while they ate dinner in a nearby restaurant with friends. They went back to check on the kids every half hour, but during one check, they discovered Maddie was gone.

Several people reported sightings around the resort and throughout Europe, where private investigators continue to scour three years later for possible connections to child sex trade groups, but there were never any concrete leads or even a major suspect in the case.

Just the other day, Carlos Moreira, 65, told detectives that on the morning of May 4, 2007, he saw a blond girl sitting in the back of a truck, wearing pajamas similar to those worn by Madeleine the night before.

Moreira waited three years to tell the McCann family's private investigation team because, he says, he thought police had mounted road blocks in the area. He told police that when the van door was opened, the little girl did not wake up, as if she was drugged. He described her as blond and about 4 years old.

This might not be enough for police to reopen the case, but the McCanns continue to cling to their private investigation. Meantime, they're trying to move on, if that's even possible.

"You just hope that ... she is now not at harm and she's getting love and happiness," Kate has said. "That's all I can hope for."

My son and Maddy are just days apart in age. She would be 7 right now. If she were here, she, too, might have been asking her mother if she could walk to the school bus stop alone.

The Love of a Child

There is no greater love than to have your child love you. To wake and see your childs eyes full of trust, look at you and smile. Your child will love you forever, even after your death. A childs love is yours, everlasting.
Your child is your future , your present and your past. Your child is forever in your heart, like a constant heartbeat, she will never go away.

Madeleine Beth had this love for her mother. Whatever happened that dreadful night Madeleine would have died loving her mother , but Kate was only looking for a way out, Madeleines love soon forgotten.

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Mothers who Love their Children

Young beautiful mothers who love their lives and love their children. Beautiful parents, do harm their children, even kill them.

Both of these mothers know the true fate of Madeleine McCann. One knows because she is married to the Police Officer who worked on the case. And the other mother knows , because she was there.  The truth is hard to bear, even more so when you know someone who knows your inner secrets. So what do you do , you try and destroy the person who knows your secret, your truth.

 Kate tried to destroy Sofia and everything she holds dear to her, because Sofia  is a mother who fights for her children. Kate only fights for herself and she will never win over Sofia. Sofia , is from a different culture, a culture Kate will never understand, it is a culture where a mother will die for her child. Kate cannot begin to know what this means.

 It is a culture where belief that a mother should never have to bury her child, and if she does, she screams long  into the night , for her pain is too much to bear and she believes she can no longer go on . And as she screams, she screams one word to the God she so deeply believes in. Why?

Monday, October 25, 2010

Bad Mummy

Dr.Nicola Goc writes a very sympathetic article around Kate McCann and compares her to Lindy Chamberlain. Lindy was, and maybe still is a strong supporter of Kates. But Lindy nor Dr.Goc know Kate McCann or what became of Madeleine.

The Blacksmith Bureau

Usually an ass but not always

The judges begin by describing  the three main grounds for the appeal: the claim for freedom of expression under the Portuguese constitution [which has been described elsewhere since the verdict JB]; the second claim that the facts in the book were "mere reproductions” of the investigative data and the third, that those same facts were “even part of the Prosecutor’s report.”

All three claims are accepted at the end of the judgement.
They summarise Amaral’s theory, with no weasel words and nothing  for the McCanns to pick out and spin: in the book, they say, Amaral defends the theory that the child died in the apartment on May 3, that an abduction was simulated, that the parents are suspected of concealing the body and that there was child neglect.

They then turn to the individual himself, someone  that the legal system has until now shown every sign of treating as a non-person: Amaral. The judges  remind us of his reasons for writing the book and quote: “Later on, I was removed from the investigation. I then decided that it was time for me to defend myself in a public way. Therefore, I immediately requested my retirement, so I could regain the plenitude of my freedom of expression.”

The judges add that it is “important” that the author feels he is the victim of injustice and wants the truth, or at least his version of the truth, to come out, especially since he felt his honour was in question and he was not allowed to reply in his own defence. With considerable understatement they add that this is not a minor point.
In the book, they say, Amaral presents a multiplicity of facts from the investigation, all of which are in the DVD and which are evaluated in the Prosecutors’ report. In this multiplicity of facts some are primary, some secondary: Amaral evaluates and weighs them accordingly, from the standpoint of someone with 26 years experience of police investigation.

Amaral, say the judges,  describes in the book, in detail, a number of apparent  facts and situations that from the outset of the investigation were not compatible with each other leading to contradictory   conclusions.
They confirm that these reservations were not in opposition to the Prosecutors’ report but were essentially the same as those  given by Humpty himself – by immediately  turning to and quoting from his report: “From the analysis of the depositions that were made, [runs the report] it became evident that important details existed which were not fully understood and integrated, which needed to be tested and verified at the location of events, thus rendering it possible to establish the apparent failures to agree and the lack of consistency in a suitable investigative form: the reconstruction. This could not be carried out, despite the commitment that was displayed by the Public Ministry and by the PJ, …” [my translation JB]

The judges then turn to the dogs, quoting not from the Truth of the Lie but, once again, from the Prosecutors’ report. The findings of Eddie and Keela are given in some detail.

Having done so the judges add  that the combination of the inconsistencies  and the performance of the dogs was enough to constitute making them arguidos [there is no mention of “haste”JB]. As far as the dogs are concerned they state that forensic evidence, as we know, did not corroborate their findings; as far as the contradictions are concerned the Portuguese authorities, Justice ministry and PJ tried to perform a reconstruction but failed due to the lack of availability of the McCanns and their friends, leaving those contradictions still unresolved.

Here, once again, they quote not the Truth of the Lie but the Prosecutors’ report, [you know, that document that clears them] in support of what Amaral  claims:

 “(…) despite the fact that the national authorities took all measures to render their travelling to Portugal possible, due to motives that are unknown, after the many doubts that they raised concerning the need and the opportunity of their travelling were clarified several times, they chose not to show up, which rendered the diligence impossible to perform.

We believe that the main damaged party were the McCann arguidos, who missed the possibility to prove what they have protested since they were made arguidos: their innocence towards the fateful event; the investigation was also hindered, because said facts remain unclear (…)”.

Now, the killer blow and here we will quote the judges in full:

“What is certain [our italics JB] is that since the start of the investigation, there were incongruent and even contradictory situations concerning the witness statements, the telephone records of calls that were made and received on mobile phones that belonged to the couple and to the group of friends that were on holidays with them, the movements of people immediately after the disappearance of the little girl was noticed, concerning the state in which the bedroom from where the child disappeared from was found (closed window? open window? partially open window?), etc., and the mystery would only become even thicker due to the clues that were left by the aforementioned sniffer dogs.”
Note the phrase: “what is certain”.

Killer blow number 2:

“Where Amaral differs from the Prosecutors who wrote the dispatch, is in the logical, police-work-related and investigative interpretation that he [Amaral] makes of those facts.”

And number 3:

We need, the judges say, to stress the following: the facts that led to the applicants’ constitution as arguidos within the inquiry were later on not sufficiently valued by the Public Ministry’s Prosecutors to lead to a criminal accusation, but those very same facts, seen from a different angle, may lead to a different conclusion from that of the prosecutors.

Suggestive data (“indications”) that were deemed to be insufficient in terms of evidence in a criminal investigation, can be appreciated in a different way, in an interpretation that can legitimately be published as a book, as long as the interpretation does not offend any fundamental rights of anyone involved. In our view that said interpretation does not offend the applicants’ rights.”

Costs were awarded against  the McCanns
The full implications of the judgement are going to take time for all parties  to evaluate fully. But  the claim that the Prosecutors’ report  was a finding  of either guilt or innocence is dead: it is an interpretation of the evidence of no more validity than that of Goncalo Amaral, perhaps – given, as the judges say, the experience and ability of the inspector – even  less.

The verdict makes it quite clear that the burden of legal suspicion has not been lifted from the McCanns by the archiving report. And, by quoting the report in its relevant passages, the judges also show  that the failure of the Tapas Nine to co-operate in clarifying the events of May 3 was, and remains,  central to the investigation.

The TM lawyers – who have to be paid - will no doubt be studying the judgement – whose translators had to be paid - very carefully, in liaison with Shrieker Duarte, who has to be paid. Where will the Dirty Pair go on getting the money? In the UK last week the famous Liverpool football club court case which involved virtually no preparatory work and ran for a mere few days had costs awarded against the losing party of around one hundred thousand pounds per day. Goncalo Amaral, God preserve him, has already faced the problems of trying to defend himself without any available funds: it may well be the McCanns’ turn next.

Sunday, October 24, 2010


Jane Tanner has always denied the above photograph was taken in PDL the week Madeleine disappeared. Jane insists she did not take jeans with her for this trip.
Had this photograph been taken at a later date as she suggests, she would have been wearing the obligatory wristband as seen in the photograph below.

The photograph of Dr.O'Brian when he returned to PDL to bear witness of how he and two others from the group saw Mr.Murat the night Madeleine disappeared, wearing the obligatory wristband and badge.

Note: If this photograph was taken at a later date, where is Janes solidarity to the cause? Why has she refused to show her support for the McCanns by being photographed without the ever present wristband. ?

Friday, October 22, 2010


It has been suggested if the McCanns were ever charged, due to the coverage this case has received , they would never have a fair trial.

Trial and error: online comments court attention

Att Gen hints at review of responsibilty for online prejudicial comments
Speaking to the Criminal Bar Association, Grieve, a Conservative MP, said that protecting the fairness of trials was growing increasingly difficult as news outlets proliferated.

The rise of [the internet] has been profound in so many aspects of our lives, including the relationship between the courts and the media," said Grieve. "The news is constantly available and updated either on 24-hour television networks, the websites of mainstream news organisations, or unofficial blogs, emails and social networking sites. The amount of material is vast and it can be passed on at lightning speed."
"In my view this does not reduce the importance of the contempt of court laws. It doesn't remove the need for fair and accurate contemporaneous reports," he said.

Grieve said that the increasing number of places at which people read news content would create problems for courts attempting to ensure that trials were fair and that juries were not exposed to material that would prejudice the hearing. One major problem was that websites' comment sections could host prejudicial content he said.

"If it is increasingly easy for individuals to act as unofficial journalists and publishers the greater the need for general understanding about why restrictions are sometimes necessary," said Grieve. "This extends particularly to those who run websites upon which members of the public place their opinions."
"I understand that there is no clear authority in relation to their legal obligation but there must, I feel, be an argument that they too have to ensure that a trial is not prejudiced by what is posted," said Grieve. "I would be happy to have further discussions with such organisations is in an area that needs to be explored with a view to increasing their understanding of those potential risks."

Traditionally, parties to the publication of material that is part of an active trial, or sub judice, have been able to argue that they innocently passed material on. Printers or distributors of material could argue that they were unaware that material broke rules on prejudicing trials.

Technology lawyer Struan Robertson of Pinsent Masons, the law firm behind OUT-LAW.COM, said that operators of websites with open comment sections could make similar claims.

"Site operators could use the 'innocent distribution' defence, claiming that they did not know that material was sub judice," said Robertson. "This defence is not available once they have been told about the material, though."

"Online publishers that remove that material quickly would also be able to claim a defence under the E-Commerce Regulations that absolve publishers of responsibility for unlawful material as long as they remove it quickly when told about it," said Robertson.

Grieve's comments suggest he may contemplate increasing a site publisher's responsibilities for material posted by other users.

He said, though, that he believed that the current rules and laws on contempt of court are largely successful.
"Does the system presently work? In blunt terms and with doubtless imperfections, in my view, it does," he said. "Although my office receives a substantial number of queries from legal representatives, the courts, the judiciary, members of the public and also members of the press there have been a comparatively small number of prosecutions under either the 1981 [Contempt of Court] Act or for breaches of other specific restrictions."

Last year the High Court ruled that it was "futile" to extend reporting restrictions on a paternity case involving a baby and children who were alleged to be its parents because of extensive online coverage of the case.
"The dam … has indeed burst and in practical terms there is no longer anything which the law can protect; the granting of the injunction at the present juncture would merely be a futile gesture," said the judge in the case.

In another case last year involving reporting restrictions, an expert said that they only applied to people who had seen the restrictions. While newspapers would typically be informed of those, all bloggers or commenters would not and might have a right to disseminate the information.

"The order does, in principle, apply to 'bloggers' because it applies to all persons who know that the order has been made," said Pinsent Masons lawyer James McBurney at the time. "Bloggers, along with any other person or corporation are therefore prohibited from publishing any of the restricted material, but only if they know that it is in place to start with, which is where the difficulty arises: how are they supposed to know about it?"

SOURCE: The Register

Thursday, October 21, 2010


Some things never change. I cannot help feeling at some point the McCanns PI's have gone through every type of abduction on the Internet and placed the fault of Madeleines fate firmly at their door.

Raymond Hewlett and his death bed confession, Madeleine was sold to the swarthy gypsies, reminded me of the kidnapping of Charley Ross , June 26 1873. This also involved swarthy men and toothless gypsies. For Charley there was a happy ending, money was exchanged and Charley returned safe and well to his family. Madeleine, sadly will never be coming home and unless someone close to her does the right thing, we shall never know her fate.

The Charley Ross Kidnapping

“Knowing only that Charley had been taken but not why, the police acted on customary assumptions and tried to find Charley and his abductors by making inquiries at such places as ferry stops, taverns, livery stables. As word of mouth spread, the news about Charley began to generate an assortment of rumors. In one of the first of these, a child had been spotted in a gypsy wagon ‘crying bitterly’ who it was ‘suspected did not belong to them.’ In all, the police in Philadelphia and elsewhere reportedly searched 200 gypsy caravans within a year and one-half after Charley disappeared.” [p. 27, Fass, Paula, Kidnapped: Child Abduction in America, 1997, Oxford University Press]
“Among the thousands of letters the Patzes [Etan Patz, 7-years-old: kidnapped May 25, 1979, New York, N.Y.] received, one urged them to “look for gypsies (gitanos), a reminder that, more than one hundred years after the first widely publicized abduction [referring to Ross 1874. The author is incorrect. The first widely publicized abduction was the Pool case, 1819], some myths still persisted.” [p. 215, Fass, Paula, Kidnapped: Child Abduction in America, 1997, Oxford University Press]
. [Wikipedia]


The story never quite rang true, we knew it but many too afraid to think the worst let alone say it out loud, wanting to give the McCanns the benefit of the doubt. Mothers whispered amongst each other their thoughts, thoughts they did not want to believe.

American writer Valerie Lopes wrote her thoughts back in September 2007.

I originally wrote this post in September 2007 when Madeleine McCann was everywhere and nowhere. I can still feel the anger that coursed through me over her unnecessary and tragic disappearance. She's just about my son's age which is probably one of the main reasons this story captured my attention as it did. The blatant stupidity of her parents still appalls me - somebody please explain to me why these people aren't in jail? I have yet to understand why the police have done nothing to punish these fools. I remember at the time having a conversation with my friend Cindy about this over coffee. In hushed tones - because it wasn't done at the time to condem the McCanns for neglect - we whispered to each other that never would we have left our children alone. What kind of parents could do that? The McCanns apparently.
There are two possibilities regarding the fate of Madeleine McCann. She's either dead or alive. The theist in me wants to believe that she is alive and that a miracle will occur. She will, unharmed – mentally physically emotionally – be returned to the bosom of her family. Where would Madeleine have had to of spent the past few months of her life for that to be the case? With some desperate childless woman that longed so greatly for a child that in a moment of wild insanity snatched a child? A senile fado singing Portuguese avo that doesn't own a television or radio that has plied Madeleine with gambas and natas. Or even, a la Elizabeth Smart, she's been hidden in plain site and it will only take one sharp eyed bystander to notice the coloboma in her eye and call the authorities whom will react swiftly bringing a happy enough ending to this tale. Perhaps.
In the words of Fiona in the Lerner and Loewe musical Brigadoon, “Anything is possible”. Unfortunately life isn't a musical and although the temptation to break into song as I meander down the street doing a modified two-step comes upon me more frequently than I would be comfortable admitting, nothing will change the fact we have little choice but to live in a world where horrible things happen to the innocent all of the time.
The theist in me also knows that evil exists. That's the payoff. Hot/Cold. Light/Dark. Good/Evil. Evil comes in as many names as good so call it what you will. If Madeleine McCann is still alive I shudder to think of the kind of hell she's living in. Old enough to comprehend she is not with her parents and her siblings. Frightened. Abused. Neglected. Tortured. The byproducts of evil.
So, we know what her two possible fates are. If she is alive we hope for the best, but common sense and history tell us that it is the worst that is the most reasonable assumption. If she is dead how did she go from being a thriving living child on vacation in Portugal to a mournful statistic?
Again, we are offered two possibilities. Foul play or tragic accident. The theory that screams the loudest, is the sexiest and carries the biggest thrill is that she was kidnapped. Not just plain old kidnapped, but by a gang of “kidnap to order” specialists out the fill a sinister bill of goods. Boogiemen.
The second possibility. A tragic accident. The theory that is whispered between women with small Madeleine aged children generally accompanied with a disclaimer along the lines of I hate to judge them, but... or Those poor people, but... or What kind of parents leave their children unattended... The facts that stun all of us mothers with tiny ones. They left their children unattended in an unlocked room in a place that was unfamiliar to them when there was a babysitting service available. Pamela Fenn, who lives in the flat above the McCann's, had told police that on the Tuesday night before the disappearance that she had heard Madeleine crying for about 75 minutes before her parents returned from dinner. The night Madeleine disappeared was not the first time she and her two two year old siblings had been left unattended by their parents. Madeleine was, according to family and friends, a bright child that was curious and fearless.
Occam's razor teaches us that all things being equal, the simplest solution tends to be the best one. The simple solution that is whispered at play dates and over free coffee at IKEA in hushed tones as if speaking the obvious about the McCann's will somehow diminish the tragedy of the disappearance of their child is that through their carelessness and neglect their child died tragically. Let's just say, for example, Madeleine woke from her little-girl sleep to an empty room for the second (possibly more) night in a row. She was frightened. The same fright that caused her to cry for over an hour the previous night. She was alone in a strange place without her mother, father or any kind of an adult to offer her comfort and reassurances that she was not alone and there was nothing to be afraid of. For, in truth, she was alone and obviously there was something to be afraid of. When she knew comfort would not come to her she sought it out. She got up from her bed, walked out through the unlocked door in search of her parents, wandered about confused and lost in the unfamiliar place, her vision possibly impaired by the genetic abnormality that has been so well documented, the sound of the surf crashing into the sand... Suffice it to say a little girl wandering alone coming into contact with the Atlantic Ocean in the dark of night does not make for a happy ending.
Just one theory. I'd call it mine, but I've heard similar theories from the hushed voices of more women and men than would equal a coincidence.
When we hear of a story like Madeleine's we want to believe the best and the worst not the boring facts. That she will be saved and that it was some lamia-demon snatching children from the comfort and safety of their bed that was the culpriet. Not that a tragic set of circumstances created out of neglect, selfishness and inestimable foolishness equaled the death of a child. It's too clean. Too annoyingly sterile. It lacks drama and only contains sadness. Going out with a whimper and a sigh instead of a shout and a bang.
What can be taken from this? I hope something. Perhaps, without anyone ever knowing, countless children have been spared injury, maiming and yes, death, because one story of inadequate parenting made such a loud bang. Hopefully one set of parents that might have just “locked them in” while they went out to munch on tapas and toss back rose thought twice and paid the twenty euros for the babysitting service.


I have always been slightly puzzled, shocked even, to hear the McCanns comment both on the same day when questioned about Madeleines defect in her right eye. The day, remembered so clearly, when along by their side sat CEOP Jim Gamble with the new one minute video. Gamble, did not mention Madeleines eye and the McCanns during one of the days interviews quickly brushed off,  when asked , almost as if they were bored with the question  Dr.McCann replied 'she would probably be wearing contact lenses by now'. Well no, not quite, contacts are not considered for a child with coloboma until they reach the age of seven years if not older, he is a doctor and  would know this.

So, I am left asking, how prominent was the defect. Madeleines right eye was the catalyst for the campaign, so important that when implored by the Portuguese police to not mention this distinct character in Madeleine Dr McCann went ahead, later confessing he was aware the abductor could damage her eye but it was a good marketing ploy.

Both parents, including Madeleines grandmother and aunt, have all spoken about Madeleines eye and not one of them have ever used the medical term coloboma.

A child born with this condition needs medical check ups until the age of seven years. AND yet not once have the McCanns used this reason in Madeleines defence to speak with the person who they claim has snatched her. Would a parent not be saying ' If you have my daughter she needs to have her eye checked, her condition needs to be monitored. Please, please make sure you take her to a doctor'

I am surprised PR guru Clarence Mitchell did not think of this, a mother pleading for the well being of her daughters health may have made me question myself and how I relate to the McCanns but not once has there been any mention of Madeleine, her well being or her suffering. The mantra there is no evidence she has come to any harm and the bizarre comments made on two seperate ocassions from Clarence Mitchell 'The McCanns are not involved in Madeleines death' leave more questions than answers as to what does Mr.Mitchell know.

The refusal of Madeleines medical records, another puzzle, from the pictures and videos I have seen she looked a happy ,healthy little girl, so why deny them ?

If the coloboma was as prominent as the photographs show then Madeleine would have needed the kind of care written in the report shown below.

There is no treatment for coloboma at present. A child with coloboma will receive specialist care at hospital during the early years to monitor the effect of the coloboma and their eye health. The frequency of these checks will depend on the child's needs. Children who have coloboma can be more at risk of glaucoma (increased eye pressure) and retinal detachment. There are treatments for both of these conditions which the hospital would explore with you.

If your child's eye health is stable and no further complications appear then they will usually attend an eye test every six months up to the age of seven years and then annually. These eye tests will usually take place with an optician or orthoptist.

Children with coloboma may need glasses. Glasses cannot correct the vision problems caused by the coloboma. However, glasses can correct short-sightedness or long-sightedness which can help to correct the parts of vision that haven't been affected by coloboma.

Sometimes cosmetic contact lenses may be considered at a later stage. These can help to make the pupil look round rather than keyhole shaped.  (I believe this is what Dr.McCann had in mind)

Prescription sunglasses due to the light-sensitivity may also be suggested, as may some low vision aids and equipment to help a child make the most of their sight.

Sighting of Madeleine with a coloboma


Yesterday ,The Guardian it seems, the only British newspaper to report on the news  from Portugal .
The Daily Star later reported but have been rather clever by not naming the reporter . According to the Star,  the McCanns PR guru Clarence Mitchell , who seems to have become a man of very few words commented 'legal action is still on going'

A court has overturned a ban on a book by the detective who led the Madeleine McCann investigation.

The Truth Of The Lie by Goncalo Amaral will be allowed back on the shelves in Portugal following a ruling by Lisbon’s Court of Appeal.

In the book, the former police chief claims Madeleine died in an accident and accuses her parents Gerry and Kate of faking her abduction. The couple, both doctors, insist she was snatched and still plan to sue Amaral.

In September last year the McCanns, from Rothley, Leics, won an injunction banning the book from being sold in Portugal.

They said that Amaral’s claims meant people were no longer looking for their daughter. But yesterday the judge said the book did not breach the McCanns’ rights to privacy because they had done TV interviews in a bid to find their daughter.

Now a 50-minute DVD documentary to accompany the book will also be allowed to be sold.

The McCanns’ spokesman Clarence Mitchell said last night: “The legal action against Mr Amaral is very much continuing.

“Kate and Gerry’s lawyers are examining this latest court action and are considering an appeal.”

Wednesday, October 20, 2010


The latest from the BBC this report which has been changed in the last five days.

I have never known the BBC to remain so silent, surely today should be filled with headline news and wall to wall coverage and interviews with the McCanns, telling of their disgust about the disgraced cop. Clarence Mitchell also with nothing to say. No Jim Gamble after the McCanns came to his rescue when he offered his resignation ? Maybe today was spent on making a new strategy and tomorrow will be resumed with' McCann coverage' . But what will they say ? to mention the contents of the book reminds the public the McCanns are thought to have hidden their dead daughters body and then people may start to suggest the fund is fraudulent. The book may now be of interest to those who had no interest at all.  The night the McCanns have tried so hard for people to believe in, their version, may start to unravel.

The BBC are in between a rock and a hard place, to remain silent and not report the news appears strange after they accused Goncalo Amaral of insulting the McCanns. The BBC, too arrogant to apologise, their guilt by removing the bleeped out video, proof enough they were wrong.

All in all it was a wise move on behalf of the beeb today . Always read the instructions and never return to a firework once it has been lit.


An interesting development in Portugal . There is no place in modern society for the banning of books. The McCanns wished to take us back to the dark ages and forbid us to think for ourselves. One cannot ban a book that has not been deemed to be seen as libellous.

I would imagine this explains Kates latest trip to Portugal , a chat with her lawyer about the inevitable. It was wise for Dr.McCann to remain at home looking after the twins, Dr.McCann cannot control his temper and would have raged like a bull at this latest turn of events.

There will be calm today in the Amaral home and in the Rothley Mansion much unrest.

For Madeleine, today there is a chink of light, a chink of light in the name of Justice.

On hearing the news it would appear the McCanns spokesman had nothing to say .  The BBC also seem to have either been gagged, or lost their tongues.

BBC change McCann v Goncalo artice five times.

Tuesday, October 19, 2010


This article is from the source 'bbc' and was first published or seen on . It will not be checked again for changes.
You can find the current article at its original source at
The article has changed 17 times.

VERSIONS 7- 15.....

Meanwhile, a sexually motivated abduction is emerging as the main line of inquiry for police investigating Madeleine's disappearance, BBC correspondent Matthew Presland said.

Madeleine parents 'stay positive'

Madeleine McCann
Madeleine McCann has been missing since Thursday
Madeleine's uncle
The parents of Madeleine McCann say they still hope for her safe return, six days after she went missing from a Portugal holiday complex. In a statement, Kate and Gerry McCann said they were focusing their efforts and emotions on finding her.
Other family members have spoken out against criticism of the police made in the Portuguese and British media.
Three-year-old Madeleine, of Rothley, Leicestershire, disappeared from an apartment in Praia da Luz six days ago.
The parents' statement, read out by Alex Woolfall, spokesman for the operator of the resort where the family were staying, said: "We are grateful to all of those currently taking part in the search for our daughter Madeleine.

"At present, we are channelling all of our emotions and all of our efforts into the steps that are being taken to secure Madeleine's safe return."

Madeleine's family have created a poster appealing for people with information to call Crimestoppers
Most computers will open this document automatically, but you may need Adobe Reader
Police have also been handed CCTV footage showing a woman with a girl fitting Madeleine's description at a service station just a few miles from where she was abducted.
The woman was said to be urging the girl to say "thank you" to staff, but the youngster had appeared reluctant.
British child-abduction experts have flown to Portugal to join in the hunt.
'Very distraught'
Madeleine's grandparents, Brian and Susan Healy, have spoken of the strain that her parents are under.

Ribbons and messages of support in Rothley
Mrs Healy told Sky News that the couple, who are Catholic, were drawing strength from each other, prayers, support, sympathy and kindness.
"They can pull it together when they have to, but obviously there are times when they are very distraught," she said.
Mrs Healy added that the inexperience of the Portuguese police possibly led to mistakes initially, but debating what went wrong "doesn't achieve anything".
"We just have to move on and just pray that because of the publicity, for which we're grateful, somebody will come forward."
The Anglican church in Praia da Luz held a prayer vigil for Madeleine.

We all have deep fears and absolute hope
Fthr Haynes Hubbard
Praia da Luz
Its vicar, Father Haynes Hubbard, said he did not know whether Madeleine's parents would attend but they were aware of the service and were grateful for the desire of people there to remember Madeleine in their prayers.
"We all have deep fears and absolute hope," he said.
The BBC's Alix Kroeger said police in Portugal had released no new information about their inquires, but false alarms and speculation was rife.
Among rumours, one claimed an abandoned car was undergoing forensic testing, and another was that CCTV footage from a petrol station was being examined by police.
But none had proved accurate so far, said our correspondent.
Madeleine is believed to have been taken from her bed last Thursday evening while her parents were eating at a nearby restaurant.
They had been regularly checking on her and their two-year-old twins, Sean and Amelie, before she went missing.
Mr Healy said that people who criticised the parents for leaving the children are "misguided and have got it wrong".
Their comments came after the British ambassador to Portugal, John Buck, defended the police search.
He said he had been assured by Portuguese authorities that "everything possible" was being done to ensure the girl's safe return.

Reward poster for Madeleine McCann
Police have faced criticism over their handling of the case
On Tuesday, Portuguese officers said they had quizzed 100 people and searched 500 apartments.
Portuguese police have also rejected local media claims that more effort has been put in than would have been made for a Portuguese child.
A Downing Street spokesman said these were difficult days for the family and for those trying to lead the investigation, and said help was being given wherever possible.
Mark Warner Holidays, operator of the resort, said it has received more than 400 messages of support for the McCanns from 20 countries.
An online appeal to help find Madeleine has also been set up.
The appeal, created by the Child Exploitation and Online Protection Centre and the Virtual Global Taskforce, is available in English, Portuguese and Spanish on
Crimestoppers have also set up an international number - +44 1883 731 336 - which people with information can call anonymously.