Thursday, October 21, 2010


I have always been slightly puzzled, shocked even, to hear the McCanns comment both on the same day when questioned about Madeleines defect in her right eye. The day, remembered so clearly, when along by their side sat CEOP Jim Gamble with the new one minute video. Gamble, did not mention Madeleines eye and the McCanns during one of the days interviews quickly brushed off,  when asked , almost as if they were bored with the question  Dr.McCann replied 'she would probably be wearing contact lenses by now'. Well no, not quite, contacts are not considered for a child with coloboma until they reach the age of seven years if not older, he is a doctor and  would know this.

So, I am left asking, how prominent was the defect. Madeleines right eye was the catalyst for the campaign, so important that when implored by the Portuguese police to not mention this distinct character in Madeleine Dr McCann went ahead, later confessing he was aware the abductor could damage her eye but it was a good marketing ploy.

Both parents, including Madeleines grandmother and aunt, have all spoken about Madeleines eye and not one of them have ever used the medical term coloboma.

A child born with this condition needs medical check ups until the age of seven years. AND yet not once have the McCanns used this reason in Madeleines defence to speak with the person who they claim has snatched her. Would a parent not be saying ' If you have my daughter she needs to have her eye checked, her condition needs to be monitored. Please, please make sure you take her to a doctor'

I am surprised PR guru Clarence Mitchell did not think of this, a mother pleading for the well being of her daughters health may have made me question myself and how I relate to the McCanns but not once has there been any mention of Madeleine, her well being or her suffering. The mantra there is no evidence she has come to any harm and the bizarre comments made on two seperate ocassions from Clarence Mitchell 'The McCanns are not involved in Madeleines death' leave more questions than answers as to what does Mr.Mitchell know.

The refusal of Madeleines medical records, another puzzle, from the pictures and videos I have seen she looked a happy ,healthy little girl, so why deny them ?

If the coloboma was as prominent as the photographs show then Madeleine would have needed the kind of care written in the report shown below.

There is no treatment for coloboma at present. A child with coloboma will receive specialist care at hospital during the early years to monitor the effect of the coloboma and their eye health. The frequency of these checks will depend on the child's needs. Children who have coloboma can be more at risk of glaucoma (increased eye pressure) and retinal detachment. There are treatments for both of these conditions which the hospital would explore with you.

If your child's eye health is stable and no further complications appear then they will usually attend an eye test every six months up to the age of seven years and then annually. These eye tests will usually take place with an optician or orthoptist.

Children with coloboma may need glasses. Glasses cannot correct the vision problems caused by the coloboma. However, glasses can correct short-sightedness or long-sightedness which can help to correct the parts of vision that haven't been affected by coloboma.

Sometimes cosmetic contact lenses may be considered at a later stage. These can help to make the pupil look round rather than keyhole shaped.  (I believe this is what Dr.McCann had in mind)

Prescription sunglasses due to the light-sensitivity may also be suggested, as may some low vision aids and equipment to help a child make the most of their sight.

Sighting of Madeleine with a coloboma