Sunday, October 31, 2010

When Sabine Mueller rattled the cage

Sabine Mueller asked the million dollar question and the bad news day quickly covered by a 'mystery man' who knew the  location of Madeleine. The call did not happen and there was no 'mystery man' , just Clarence Mitchell pulling the strings but it took the heat and headline news away from the question of the McCanns being involved. Voilá.

As back up, we had Aunt Phils comments in the Mail of PJ'sboozy lunches and the Police laughing at Madeleine on TV.

But this time we know how the system works and just what kind of people the McCann clan really are.

I think one should be prepared as the McCanns may have a few little surprises like this up their sleeve, it worked before, it may work again. Although it would have to be pretty spectacular, the McCanns have become a British embarrassment.