Sunday, October 31, 2010

Brian Healy tries for headline news

It is a sad day when the father of Kate, who only heard what was said by a third party, tries for headline news in Liverpool. If Madeleine's story has been turned into a joke, it is the fault of her parents and the parents of Kate who have stood by and listened to their daughters lies. A parent always knows when their child is lying and the Healys know full well by now Madeleine is not coming home and was not abducted.

Of northern breeding 'What will people say ?' comes first and Kates first words when told she was to be made an arguida, her only concern 'What will people say'. Kate always thinking of herself. Brian Healy living proof that the apple never falls far from the tree.

No one has forgotten Kate Healys comment 'Whoever she's with she will be giving them her tuppence worth'

And last but not least, the comment from her 'loving' father, when mentioning her eye defect 'The good marketing ploy'