Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Mothers who Love their Children

Young beautiful mothers who love their lives and love their children. Beautiful parents, do harm their children, even kill them.

Both of these mothers know the true fate of Madeleine McCann. One knows because she is married to the Police Officer who worked on the case. And the other mother knows , because she was there.  The truth is hard to bear, even more so when you know someone who knows your inner secrets. So what do you do , you try and destroy the person who knows your secret, your truth.

 Kate tried to destroy Sofia and everything she holds dear to her, because Sofia  is a mother who fights for her children. Kate only fights for herself and she will never win over Sofia. Sofia , is from a different culture, a culture Kate will never understand, it is a culture where a mother will die for her child. Kate cannot begin to know what this means.

 It is a culture where belief that a mother should never have to bury her child, and if she does, she screams long  into the night , for her pain is too much to bear and she believes she can no longer go on . And as she screams, she screams one word to the God she so deeply believes in. Why?