Wednesday, October 20, 2010


An interesting development in Portugal . There is no place in modern society for the banning of books. The McCanns wished to take us back to the dark ages and forbid us to think for ourselves. One cannot ban a book that has not been deemed to be seen as libellous.

I would imagine this explains Kates latest trip to Portugal , a chat with her lawyer about the inevitable. It was wise for Dr.McCann to remain at home looking after the twins, Dr.McCann cannot control his temper and would have raged like a bull at this latest turn of events.

There will be calm today in the Amaral home and in the Rothley Mansion much unrest.

For Madeleine, today there is a chink of light, a chink of light in the name of Justice.

On hearing the news it would appear the McCanns spokesman had nothing to say .  The BBC also seem to have either been gagged, or lost their tongues.

BBC change McCann v Goncalo artice five times.