Sunday, October 31, 2010

Who will forgive the Tapas nine ?

Each and everyone carries the burden of guilt, one may have played a larger role than the other, but they all hid the truth and lied. Their solidarity has allowed the McCanns to commit crime after crime, the crime of fraud on the pretext of needing money to pay charlatan detectives to search for their daughter. The McCanns are now about to embark in another game , their choice of venue, Germany.  What they have in store for the gullible public soon to be revealed, 'a sighting' another 'mystery man'  ? But beware McCann's the German people are not so gullible, as you found to your cost back in 2007. 

The two NHS doctors have taken donations from small vulnerable children who baked cakes, the elderly, with little money to spare. They have used the Catholic and Islamic religions to take money from those who truly believed. The Tapas 7 have stood by and let them do so.

 Will the children forgive the Tapas Nine?

The elderly, will they forgive the Tapas Nine?