Saturday, May 28, 2011

Kates book of deception...
Part1..Book and movie deal planned within 8 months of Madeleines death
Part 2...broken and smashed shutters
Part 3
Part 4...
Part 5...boring and lacks substance so possibly some truth lies here.
Part 6...staging the abduction.
Part 7...twins cots in parents room.
Part 8... the fabricated argument.
Part 9 Sedation...
Part 10...No one searched
Part 11....Lie about a broken shutter
Part 12....The FUND
Part 13.. Setting up MURAT
Part 14...Mari Olli sighting claimed by Kate in her book to have been Madeleine...Olli and her husband lived in Leicester near McCanns ?
Part 15...The last photo...and the forgotten bead.
Part 16...McCanns sedated the twins.
Part 17...Hatred and wanton destruction of Gonçalo Amaral
Part 18...METODO 3: Function : To keep Murat in the frame and  the media busy with PR stunts.  Paid for by Brian Kennedy and NOT the fund as the McCanns would have the World believe.
Part 19: Kates spits venom at Gonçalo Amaral
Part 20: Kate needed to see the whites of Amarals eyes.
part 21 : Kates hatred for Amaral has become a manic obsession
Part 22...Disgusting distortion of the truth
Gerry McCann lied about sedating the children