Saturday, May 21, 2011

Ruth McCann: Always looking out for a connection...discussing the trips to Portugal.

Blackwatch says:
I think either Gerry’s or David Payne’s Police statements say it was a couple of times – but they only gave a date for one of them. It was in 1994 or thereabouts – I think this was the last time. Like you say, a golfing holiday. Gerry also had his golf clubs stolen about 6 months before Madeleine went missing. It was filed with Police and is in the official files handed to the media.

There’s some really strange links to Golf. Don’t know what to make of them – but they are listed here:

As for the Plymouth stuff – it could be either a coincidence or just extended family stuff. Gerry said he wasn’t related to Ruth McCann – which may be true – but then again Ruth McCann (from the Liverpool area) only married her husband in later life. Her husband, Michael McCann brought up his daughter (now Donna Aldred, nee McCann) in Plymouth – and she was schooled at a nearby convent.

This was with his first wife. he married Ruth – his second wife – very late in life. He died several years ago. Donna is in her early 40s. Apartment 5A was actually her and her husband’s apartment. She sold it to Ruth McCann – her stepmother a year or two before Madeleine went missing. Like Rachel Oldfield, Donna went to college in Cardiff.

Shaping up more like a scam, really. Or they simply didn’t want to drag Ruth and Donna McCann into all this – so denied their extended relationship.