Friday, May 27, 2011

Deceptions Part 4....(Kates book of fiction) No Neglect.

Kates biggest worry she claims has been undoubtedly  invading the privacy of their children.

Forcing the twins at a tender age to wear Maddie wristbands and telling them to find the monster who took Madeleine must be worrisome and I see Kates point, brainwashing young children is not a good idea and I am also concerned as to  their state of mind unlike the Social Services appear to be .

Kate claims her account obviously exposes them, to a certain extent, as well as Gerry and herself .

Kate explains ,'later in their lives they may feel I have made public information they would prefer had been kept private.'

No Kate ,in later life they may realise the kind of parents you really are and that is far more frightening, don't you think ?

Kates instincts tell her, she informs us, 'that it will be far more important for Sean and Amelie to  know they had parents who left no stone unturned in their efforts to find Maddie and if that has included publishing a book, I’m sure they will understand and accept that necessity.'

I am not so sure Kate, what if, when they are older they remember the question of negelct. 

I do of course mean the fact that you did not neglect the children , this was just another one of your made up- stories and the only way  to explain what happened to Madeleine. What happens if one day, one or BOTH of the twins no matter how  drugged  they were, have  memory recall...what happens then Kate ?

Kate ends with her mantra:Every penny we raise through the sales of this book will be spent on our search for Madeleine. Nothing is more important to us than finding our little girl. (sadly another lie)

FOOTNOTE: Kate, every mother knows that if you thought there was an abductor running loose in PDL you would not have placed your children back in the creche the following day.. ONLY a mother who knows there is no such fear, would know it was quite safe.

Gerry McCann had access to keys of empty properties ,I think the picture is very clear as to where Maddie was hidden.