Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Mrs Fenn heard Amelie May 1st ?

This really is a fascinating interview once one gets past their arrogance, much is revealed. When asked about the washing of cuddle cat ,Kate claims she did not wash it until 70 days after Madeleine disappeared !

Gerry claims the evening  May 1st, it was Amelie that woke ? (thats a new one )...... the most cruel part of the interview ? no mention of Mrs.Fenn and her kind offer to them, the use of her phone to contact the police, instead  the McCanns used this opportunity to it's full advantage, laying into the police and claiming there was a four hour delay !

On  a more positive note, the couple were told many in the audience believe they are involved with the disappearance of Madeleine and when asked what they thought about this.....they both smirked and McCann said 'read the book'

Mrs Fenn's statement.

Kate washed Cuddle cat FIVE DAYS AFTER Madeleine disappeared.

Interview begins 1. 16