Sunday, May 29, 2011

Kate McCanns venom for Gonçalo Amaral and the PJ holds no bounds...

'With the inquiry closed'. (No Kate, shelved) 

Kate claims  'leaks had become such an epidemic by this time,the prosecutor’s fifty-seven-page summary of the PJ’s final report had been on a Portuguese website since the day after the news broke.'

Kate writes 'Amaral and his chums had evidently been poised to take full advantage of the long-awaited lifting of judicial secrecy. Now they really went to town: we had staged a kidnap, or Madeleine had died in our holiday apartment and we had hidden her body; we had influenced the British police and organized our campaign to mislead investigators into searching for a living child.

Kate continues...'No longer gagged by the law, Amaral was talking more and more openly to journalists and turning up on television chat shows. A friend in the Algarve kept us updated on his activities. It was unpleasant and distressing to hear what he was saying, but we had to know what Madeleine was up against in Portugal. It is impossible to convey, particularly to people outside Portugal who were not aware of Amaral’s behaviour, just how difficult this smear campaign was both to withstand and to counter.'

The McCanns from May 4th have lied to the police in their statements, changing their 'minds' about how they entered and left the apartment.

The McCanns claim they are quite sure that Amaral’s posturing has reduced their chances of finding her.

Kate asks 'Why on earth would a former police officer want to convince the world that a missing child was dead – with no evidence whatsoever to support his claim? Kate concludes ' he was attempting to justify his actions while in charge of the investigation and at the same time promoting his forthcoming book to cash in on our misfortune. '

FOOTNOTE: To be clear ,it is the McCanns themselves who have convinced me they are involved in the disappearance of their daughter, they and they alone are responsible. There was NO abductor and there was No neglect.