Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Cameron- McCann: Dixon family seeks equal treatment.

LONDON, May 24, 2011 /CNW/ -- Michael's brother, David Dixon, said: "It's great news for all families of Britons missing abroad that David Cameron and the Met are helping the McCanns. Now we're asking them to do the same for us."

The Dixon family's letter to Prime Minister Cameron says: "We need political action to break the wall of apathy ... Michael has not become famous like Madeleine, but he is no less important and our pain is no less sharp."

The Dixon family is asking for the PM's intervention to make sure the Metropolitan Police Authority reviews the case files and sends a mission to Costa Rica.

The British authorities have admitted there is a problem with red tape. Minister of state Jeremy Browne said in a letter on 12 May : "The Costa Rican police invited the UK police to discuss the case via a teleconference, but this offer was turned down."

Michael Dixon vanished after leaving his hotel room in Tamarindo, Costa Rica, on 18 October 2009.