Sunday, May 29, 2011

Kate McCann: Not content with smearing Amaral and the PJ, goes on to smear Portugal....

Kate wrote...'The country was already reeling from a child-abuse scandal involving Casa Pia, a state-run institution for orphans and other disadvantaged children (when this finally came to court in 2010, six men, including a TV presenter and a former UNESCO ambassador, would be convicted)  the first such case ever to be tried in Portugal'

Kate summed up 'Perhaps it was more convenient and less troubling to lay Madeleine’s disappearance at the door of her foreign parents, put an end to the matter and move on. Who knows? '

July 24th,2008, three days after the inquiry was closed, Gonçalo Amaral launched his book Madeleine 'The Truth of The Lie' .... Kate claims.. 'for this to have been possible, confidential information relating to the investigation would have to have been passed to his publishers and any number of people involved in the production of the book, well in advance of the lifting of judicial secrecy.'

Kate goes on to say ' it repeated his theories, dressed up with fabrication and speculation'

Kate also claims the book did not contain any evidence.....'something one would expect to be rather important to a police officer , or any detail that didn’t suit his story.' she wrote.

FOOTNOTE: Kate of course does not mention the GASPAR statement as this does not suit her story.