Thursday, May 26, 2011

Kate wants to know who is behind pc screens ? and who is writing Negative things?

Guilty as charged ,and I shall continue to rebuttle every lie that spouts from you and your broods mouths. Kate McCann, you may fool some of the gullible some of the time but  you have NEVER fooled me.You and your lies are as transparanet as glass.

Next up, why you staged the cots to prove an abudctuion, coming up very soon !

The two grandmothers susrprise me . They have no desire to see you back in Portugal to answer those questions, no desire to see you reconstruct the nights events ! my only resoning your family, your nearest and dearest are as bigger liars as you yourself.

Bloggers who are non believers are Stalked by the McCanns TWITTER trolls who spend hours hurling abuse at those who do not believe this tripe!...
You truly are a despicable pair, but one day I do believe someone will speak up for Madeleine and then the game is over.