Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Brown and the IMF again !

Many may not agree but it is my sincere belief if Brown attempts to become head of IMF Cameron will blow the McCann case wide open taking Brown down with it.

Cameron has warned Brown he will do whatever it takes to block him.

Everything is in place, now does Cameron whitewash, or ask for an invitation from Portugal to investigate ?

How Brown must be wishing he had never heard the name McCann, they have ruined his political career, by his foolishness in believing their abduction story he has meddled and perverted the course of justice. When did Brown discover the McCanns were guilty ? after the cadaver dogs I would imagine and had a quite word with the FSS to maybe 'contaminate' the evidence ....we will never know BUT Cameron does.

The Browns and the McCanns of this world deserve each other and due to the latest events, a little nugget of justice for Madeleine Beth maybe ?