Friday, May 27, 2011

Deception Part 7....The twins cots BOTH were ALWAYS in the parents room.

Kate writes 'We decided to put the three children in the front bedroom, knowing they’d only be using their room to sleep in, and to take this one ourselves. We removed the cots and shoved the twin beds together. In the other room, we pushed the beds further apart, positioning each against a wall, to make room for the cots, which we placed in between them.'

Gerry McCann Arguido

Gerry denies there was ever a cot in the parents room .

Gerry also claims he believes there were possibly three cots and he asked for one to be removed.

( April 28th Staff member ,before McCanns arrived  in apt 5a.confirmed TWO cots only were delivered)

Why is it important if the McCanns had cots in seperate rooms, quite simply, no importance at all, but it becomes of great importance if they have lied for it NOT to be known . Cots in seperate rooms imply the children were not ALL together as the McCanns would have us  believe, or it implies something far more sinister ,that the morning of May 2nd the McCanns were in the process of moving both cots from their room into the room where Madeleine slept, alone, to stage a scene for abduction and if this was the case, then it would imply Madeleine had died before May 3rd.

The cleaner on her arrival would have knocked but not waited for the McCanns to respond, a previous occupant to apartment 5a said he found this rather bothersome, this is what he had to say...

'We noticed that the cleaning personnel entered the apartment after one knock and did not give us time to respond. This was a bit bothersome and for this reason we would lock the door, and would leave the key in the inside lock.

After this precaution, the next day, the same thing happened and the cleaning woman entered even though the door was locked with the key in the lock.

We never found out how it was possible for a cleaning woman to enter after we had tried to prevent it. '