Monday, June 6, 2011

Paulo Rebelo: Investigation
7 children all together
A thesis of 'no neglect'
Rebelo arrived McCann's fled to Brussels.
Starting from scratch.
Kidnapping. McCanns were happy
Apartment searched for five hours
Smearing of PJ
Rebelo wanted reconstruction in March
No reconstruction. Fear of being framed
McCanns asked to return for reconstruction
Now under Paulo Rebelo's watch, it was leaked through a Portuguese newspaper seven children were together, no mention of the eighth child...all of the tapas had lied about neglect. Kate McCann, inside of two months wrote to Paulo Rebelo asking for him to 'share' information.
The sat each evening with the children ,just as Paulo Rebelo suspected the children were all together, the issue of neglect had been removed....AND now understanding why it was impossible to do a reconstruction !