Monday, June 6, 2011

Paulo Rebelo: Leaked information, all children were together...and no mention of Madeleine!

The McCanns far from happy now with Paulo Rebelo and his thesis, they decided to not only smear his name but the entire PJ...and at all costs prevent the reconstruction.

Byline: Vanessa Allen

KATE and Gerry McCann yesterday accused Portuguese police of usingshameless smears against them.

They demanded a judicial inquiry and called on Portugals justice minister tohunt down the source who leaked their official police statements to the media.

They want the countrys police to investigate how the statementsgiven in the immediate aftermath of their daughter Madeleines disappearance onMay 3 last year came to be leaked to a Spanish television channel.

Police in the couples home county of Leicestershire have been informed and MPStephen Dorrell called on the authorities to raise the matter with those inPortugal. …