Monday, June 20, 2011

German serial killer suspected of murder in Portugal

This was to be the Martin Smith sighting, but over the week-end with the very fast work of Maria and her blog in Portugal, I do believe she foiled the McCanns latest PR stunt. This article from 2007 found by Maria, from now on to be known as Inspector Jane Tennison. Well done Jane.

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Psycho on the loose, lookalike confused with Gerry McCann


A 48-year-old German lorry driver, identified as Volker E. and who is thought to be responsible for the murder of 19 women in various European countries, may also be responsible for a number of unresolved murders that have occurred in Portugal, police revealed this week.

Two of the suspect’s possible victims were foreign women, shot in Portugal between 1995 and 1999, one of which a 29-year-old Colombian found dead with two shot wounds to the head in São Bartolomeu de Messines, Algarve.
Volker E. was arrested in the German city of Cologne last November, by request of Spanish police.
Most of his victims are said to have been prostitutes, allegedly shot by the suspect in countries including Germany, France and Spain.
While there are, as yet, no ties between the suspect and the deaths in Portugal that occurred nearly a decade ago, police confirmed: “Other murders of the same nature are presently being investigated in other European countries”.
All of the crimes obey identical patterns and the driver is accused of killing, between 1974 and last year, at least three times in Barcelona (Spain), Planeim (Germany) and Saintes and Reims (France).
In a parallel situation though coincidentally sharing the same name, another German national, resident in the Algarve until October 1998, is currently the target of a global arrest warrant after escaping from a prison in Lisbon where he was being held on behalf of a request from German authorities while awaiting extradition.
Named as Norman Volker Franz, the 37-year-old resided in the Albufeira area of the Algarve where he had a partner and a child.
He fled prison for the first time in 1997, escaping from the Hagen establishment, Germany.
Presumed guilty of five murders and presently on the run, Franz is accused armed assaults in the German town of Wiemar, as well as three murders in Halle.
During his stay in Portugal the suspect worked in real estate, using fake identities such as Carsten Múller e Michael Stuever.
According to German criminologists, Franz came across as a calm and reserved person, but is in fact, “extremely dangerous and violent and kills innocent people to get rich”.
Reportedly, the German is usually armed, speaks English and Portuguese fluently and keeps close contact with people in Albufeira, Bogotá (Columbia), Florida (USA), Cape Town (South Africa), and Tangier (Morocco).
German police have affirmed that “as yet no interesting trails have been found” to lead to the German’s capture, though it is suspected he could still be discreetly working in Portugal in the Tourism trade.