Thursday, June 23, 2011

Laura Keary hoax....Brian Kennedy has an office close by.

ALL nuggets of information help to make the pieces fit :Blogger FUDGE claims:

'I am absolutely furious with this fabricated story. I live in this neck of the woods and know the Carrs well. What is she planning to do, walk round for about half an hour at the most, or is she going to extend her walk to Styal Woods?

Trust me, if it was going to break her nails, mess her hair, or means she could not wear her designer shoes she will stay on the car park happily smiling for the cameras.

That sadly is what has happened here due to the many footballers and their wives. The other sad side, is many see it as an opportunity to jump on the bandwagon, believe me we see it continually.

I will also point out though,
BK has an office in Knutsford and lives not far away, no connection of course.'