Sunday, June 26, 2011

Kate Healy for the day May 2nd.

Kate McCann digging herself out of a hole. For those who believe as I do there was no neglect and Madeleine died before May 3rd. Kate drones on about being a HEALY until May 4th 2007 and yet each day the creche records were signed Kate McCann all except Tuesday May 2nd...the day of the staging, the day the cleaner witnessed cots in seperate rooms, she also noticed the children were not there, did this surprise her ?

'On 4 May 2007, I became Kate McCann. According to my passport, driving licence and bank account I was Kate Healy. Ihadn’t kept my maiden name for any particular reason – it was just who I was and who I’d always been. But when Madeleine was taken, the press automatically referred to me as Kate McCann, and Kate McCann I have been ever since. Overnight our old life had gone and I’d become a different person.'

Above snippet from Kates book.

May 2nd creche record signed as Kate Healy..other days Kate McCann