Monday, June 6, 2011

Paulo Rebelo : Tapas 7 feared they would be framed...

Paulo Rebelo was almost there, the reconstruction needed to prove as he had thought, no abduction but more importantly, no neglect.


KATE and Gerry McCann's "Tapas 7" friends refused to return to Portugal because they feared they were pawns in an elaborate plot to frame the couple.

And the group of friends believed they too could be made suspects if they returned to the country.

As police files into Madeleine's disappearance are opened, we can also reveal how:

KATE McCann was given a Do-It-Yourself guide to policing by UK cops after Portuguese police failed to find any clues themselves.

LOCAL cops accused the McCanns of shedding crocodile tears just hours after their daughter was snatched.

THE Portuguese police officer assigned …