Friday, May 27, 2011

Deception Part 6... Kate begins to lay out for her readers the fabricated abduction scene..

The cots are very important to Kate, they are centre stage to her fabricated abduction story and as we shall see, she gives far too much detail on her arrival at the apartment to the cots and bedding arrangements.

Kate begins by first  reeling in the reader, describing the apartment with her eye at all times prepared to explain the layout of the small bedroom it is alleged by her, that the three children slept in.

Kate writes:'From the front door of the apartment, there was a kitchen to the left with a hallway leading into a sitting room at the back. On the right-hand side were two bedrooms, separated by a bathroom. The sitting-room area was furnished with two blue sofas, coffee table, TV and dining table and chairs. Glass sliding patio doors gave out on to a veranda, with a flight of steps down to a little gate at the side of the building. At the top of the stairs there was a child safety gate.'

(Glass sliding patio doors, Kate does not mention that the doors had heavy metal roller blinds just like the windows, many have been given the impression that the blinds were made of plastic, easy to smash and jemmy , a story told by friends and family of the McCanns. NOT easy to smash a heavy metal blind but those reading Kates book of fiction are unaware of this. The metal blinds on the patio doors are mentioned in a statement by one of the tapas 9,  I shall come to that at a later date.)

Kate goes on to say they hardly used the front door and came and went through the patio doors, (doors that could only be locked from the inside) again the reader without seeing the police statements or knowing the apartment are unaware of this fact.

Kate ordered cots for the twins and on their arrival either by design or events found the cots had been placed in the larger of the two bedrooms, the bedroom Kate and Gerry would occupy. Now here is the lie '
Kate writes 'We decided to put the three children in the front bedroom, knowing they’d only be using their room to sleep in, and to take this one ourselves. We removed the cots and shoved the twin beds together. In the other room, we pushed the beds further apart, positioning each against a wall, to make room for the cots, which we placed in between them.'

The scene for abduction has been set.... to be continued.