Saturday, May 28, 2011

Deception Part 8.....The argument causing Kate to sleep in the bed under the window.

Here is part of the statement taken from the cleaner, she refers to the morning of May 2nd. In the room next to the entrance of the apartment, (the cleaner is NOT saying in the room next to the entrance of the door) she is referring to the bed that was 'messy' under the window. The bed she noticed as 'un-used was at the entrance to the door, the bed the McCanns claim Maddie was abducted from on the night of May 3rd, but this is impossible because as the cleaner noticed that bed had not been used....Kate for some reason used an argument to explain the reason the bed under the window had been used claiming she had slept there the evening of May 2nd... but the evening the cleaner refers to is from Tuesday May 1st...the very same night that Mrs.Fenn heard a childs frantic screams!

''While performing her work, she remembers having noticed that the couple was sleeping in the room located opposite the entrance, where she confirmed the presence of a child's bed (crib).

The room gives onto an outdoor garden by means of a terrace, as it is on the ground floor,.

In the room next to the entrance to the apartment there was a bed placed next to the wall (where she supposed the missing child slept), and also the second child's bed (crib).

All these beds were untidy at the time, meaning that they had been used.

She also declares that in the room next to the entrance was another bed that had not been used.''

In the parents' room there was a cot and in the other room, the room that Madeleine was said to have disappeared from, there was one cot and two beds, one of which had not been slept in.

Gerry McCann denied a cot was ever in the parents room !