Sunday, April 17, 2011

Tony Blair was in power when Madeleine 'disappeared' many thought the cover-up involved Operation Ore... Plenty of information on the internet to suggest Blair is bi-sexual and so what , the British Goverment is full of homosexuals and I do not think even if Blair has a criminal record for cottaging this would warrant the massive cover-up by the establishment..

Tony Blair : Something more reliable...cannot copy due to copyright...

'In the autumn of 1983, a young well-dressed man presented himself to Bow St Magistrates' Court on a morals charge. He was given a conditional discharge and bound over to keep the peace. The young man gave his name as Charles Lynton. He is now among the highest in the land.'

Blair's middle names are Charles and Lynton. I have asked for the records of the period (the Court no longer exists) but failed to trace any mention there of the 'case' - if indeed it ever existed. Although I found the general attitude of information suppliers to be obstructive, there wasn't any strong feeling of hiding stuff; frankly, I'd be amazed anyway if something incriminating about Tony Blair hadn't been removed by now. Another source wrote to us as follows:
'He was caught importuning in a Westminster toilet. It was all covered up.'
Two things are, however, relevant. Gossip did abound about Blair's sexuality during his time in the rock band Ugly Rumours at Oxford. And while nobody has ever stood them up, it is widely accepted that Derry Irvine (Blair's boss in Chambers) regularly referred to him as "the star closest to Uranus".

Charged under the name 'Lynton Blair' in 1974 Bow Street Magistrate Court....Fine 50.00.....

Under the pseudonym Charles Linton the young Tony Blair pleaded guilty to importuning in public toilets at Bow Street Magistrates Court and was fined GBP 50.00. This occured in 1983.

The years are wide apart but the fine and names match...could be that Charles Lynton has been fined  twice...but as the original article states everything will be well covered up...however, I shall continue to search.