Tuesday, April 26, 2011

McCanns and their supporters...

McCanns and their supporters . Who are they ? well  they have the spineless British press on their side, plus a whole bunch of corrupt politicians ,MET man John Yates who we know as Murdochs whipping boy...who else? the tapas they know Madeleine is dead even if they are unaware of where her remains are, they do know the truth.

This brings me to Kiesha Abrahams, Alison Anderson it would appear did not know the truth , she stood by her friends even when she herself became under suspicion. However, Alison now knows the truth and these are the words she had to say to her closest and dearest friend as she was driven away...

``Rot in hell kid killers,’’ Alison Anderson yelled. ``Kiesha, it will be ok.’

There are many who 'still' believe the McCanns, for the moment and there are those involved as we know in positions of power.

" AND Justice is a big rug. When you pull it out from under one person, a lot of others fall, too."