Tuesday, April 19, 2011

'Kate McCann in Praia da Luz'

Excerpt taken from 'Criminal Record - 'Kate McCann in Praia da Luz' : 'Companhia das Manhãs' [lit. trans. Morning Companionship] is a daily talk show presented by Rita Ferro Rodrigues and Francisco Menezes, broadcast by SIC Portuguese TV channel owned by Impresa. (...) The talk-show focal point is on human-interest stories such as family, life, education, etc, discussing topical issues that have made the news headlines; it also presents some entertaining moments as well as Hernâni Carvalho [who co-authored with Luís Maia, Maddie 129 in 2007] crime segment titled 'Registo Criminal' [lit. trans. Criminal Record].


Rita Ferro Rodrigues - RFR
Francisco Menezes - FM
Hernâni Carvalho - HC
Gonçalo Amaral - GA
Paulo Pereira Cristovão - PPC
Paulo Sargento - PS

RFR - Why did you want to be here, specifically, today?

HC - Because it's a shame to forbid a man of speaking about how he has worked.

People may not like Inspector Gonçalo Amaral, people may not even like his work methodology, however what one cannot do is to forbid a man of speaking about his life.

The Maddie case was coordinated by Inspector Gonçalo Amaral, therefore for him to give an account about that in a book was his right, to report what was in the process in the book was a second right - to forbid him and take the bread out of his mouth, in a so-called democratic country, is not normal. And I won't say anything further regarding that. I suggest you watch the reportage we have done.

GA - It's is a joyful day, a day that I see as important.  We cannot defend a democratic system if we allow Freedom of Expression to be curtailed, as it was in my case. I know about my daughters' reaction, who have been through a lot; and when they learned about the decision - they were the first to know - they cried, they cried of happiness.

For the past 13 months while I was obliged to be silent regarding this issue, while I was denigrated, while my whole family saw our assets being arrested, the intrusion of my and my family's private life, which has practically taken us close to poverty... Until that disappearance, until I left the police I was an active element in the Judiciary Police.

Then my life changed radically, I went from a stable, comfortable situation to one far more precarious, jeopardizing even my family subsistence.

 I still hold the wish - and I have the certainty that the investigation will be reopened soon.

Nowadays I have no doubts left, the archival for various reasons, was mainly due to political pressures made by the English .

I have no doubts about that.

 The investigation will be concluded, it will be re-opened and it will be taken to an end; and justice will be made, that is all that we want.  There are hundreds of indications, clues regarding a certain event; and it is that event that some people do not accept and want to conceal.