Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Kiesha Abrahams: Alison Anderson support right up to the arrests...



"She'd be hungry by now, she loves her food," her mother's friend Alison Anderson said yesterday afternoon, 18 hours after Kiesha was last seen.



Alison was one of the first by Kristi's side when Kiesha went missing. Kristi even asked Alison to read appeals for Kiesha on her behalf. And as Kristi's friends quickly dropped away Alison stayed by her, telling her to stay strong. Soon, some started turning on Alison as well.




As the couple were put into police wagons for a trip to the Penrith Police Remand Centre, the assembled mob screamed abuse at the two.

``Rot in hell kid killers,’’ Alison Anderson yelled. ``Kiesha, it will be ok.’‘