Friday, April 22, 2011

Lets all bash Portugal shall we.....

It would appear there are those who claim to support the McCanns ,  when in reality do not support them at all, they are racists, extremists and this is an excuse to bash Portugal for whatever reason, or any other country this event may have taken place in, no doubt had it been Germany they would have all been Nazi's .

One things for sure they cannot pin this one on GA.

How about Smiley Culture, they have nothing to say about him or the fact he was alone when four British officers raided his home and he died from a stab wound to the heart. The four officers claim this happened while he went to make a cup of tea!!!!! Had this happened in Portugal they would be screaming cover-up....If these folks really cared about justice they would be blogging about Smiley  OR maybe they believe the officers because they are British.

They say they have received little help from the Australian not just a portuguese cover-up then?