Friday, April 29, 2011

The McCanns: Famous for all the wrong reasons, child neglectors.....

......who, instead of searching for their daughter they' claim' was abducted by a paedophile ,spent the evening of May 3rd, telephoning friends in England and Scotland to lie about a smashed and broken shutter. The McCanns, are ready to do a 'celebrity' tour in the hope of selling their book ' an account of the truth'... ,why only an account and not the truth ?

Before the launch , I would like to place a few links as to why I do not believe in 'their' abduction. I believe Madeleine died in the holiday apartment and the parents along with their friends covered it up. Many people do not know the full story and believe the Portuguese police were inept, this could not be further from the truth. Dr.Goncalo Amaral has been vilified by the McCanns and they have lost three court cases trying to shut him up, they now have to not only pay their expenses but the courts and Dr.Amarals...this is where the gullible British public come in. The McCanns need money to pay costs they have incurred by trying to keep the truth from being told,the book is merely a pre-text to hide behind and claim the sales will go to pay their PI's.

The Portuguese police did not shelve the case without giving the Mccanns some time to think about what this would mean, they had a timespan (by law)..the McCanns let this day pass and the case was shelved, weeks later  they went public thinking no one knew of this law,once again told a blatant lie ,that no one was searching for their child.

Madeleines mother refused to answer 48 questions. Madeleines parents along with their friends refused to return to Portugal for a reconstruction of the nights events.

The McCanns have been very clever, they very quickly made themselves directors of the 'Fund'  which is not, as many believe, a charity but a private company and the money is theirs to do with as they please.

I believe Obama is a fraud and has been placed in the position of President for a purpose, that purpose as yet unknown.

The McCanns, are also frauds ,in fact they are running the largest missing persons fraud the world has ever seen. 

Paulo Rebelo took over from Dr.Amaral after the McCanns were made arguidos (suspects) you will remember the minute the parents came under suspicion they fled Portugal and hired the most expensive extradition lawyer money can buy. When questioned, the new leading officer Paulo Rebelo said the investigation was still pointing in the right direction...
The Gaspar statement , I believe (without proof)  has a super-injunction.