Sunday, April 24, 2011

Phil McCann mission accomplished...

It must be hard to go through life being an overweight ugly woman, even harder to be an ugly overweight lying woman.

Phil McCann had an opportunity in life that was always denied her , her fifteen minutes of fame, a chance to shine but it came with a heavy price. Mummys boy Gerry ,always snivelling, always everyones fault but his own suddenly needed her help, her niece Madeleine had died in Portugal. Gerry had a plan and this is what he wanted her to do, first make sure Friday morning when you speak with the media impress on them that the shutter to Madeleines room was smashed and jemmied.....follow this up with how slow and unhelpful the police have been in searching for our daughter...stupid plain, fat Phil was happy to oblige even when the cadaver dogs picked up the scent of death she was doing as she was told...ask if they are 'Lassie'...the blood could be from squashed flies she spat out....she could not even answer a simple question without mummy's boy there to tell her what to say' No we have not told the twins where Madeleine is ????????'''''' Oh Phil, you stupid plain old woman.