Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Kate spits venom at Gonçalo Amaral while having a dig at WIKILEAKS

Wikileaks: Kate explains 'At the end of 2010, the Guardian published details selected from thousands of sensitive diplomatic cables leaked by the controversial whistle-blowing Wikileaks website. Among them was one of two messages that concerned Madeleine. It was a note of a meeting on 21 September 2007 – two weeks after Gerry and I were named as arguidos – between Alex Ellis, the British ambassador in Portugal, and Alfred Hoffman Jr, the outgoing US ambassador, in which Ellis tells Hoffman that the British police ‘developed the current evidence against Madeleine’s parents’.

Gerry McCann: 'There is NO EVIDENCE to implicate us in her DEATH !

Kates reasoning ,that the three year old cable and ......'what it contained didn’t amount to much. It related to the British police sniffer dogs that barked in our holiday apartment and near our car. In the sense that this work was carried out by the UK police, then yes, their actions did lead to us being declared arguidos by the PJ, but the British officers did not actually develop evidence as such, because there was no evidence to develop.

Kate claims  'we didn’t pay it much attention and in the UK it created no more than a ripple for a day or so.

'Not true, this warranted from the McCanns a blasting on their webpage about ludicrous and hurtful allegations . 

Kate claims to their  dismay ' the Portuguese press, galvanized by Gonçalo Amaral, lapped it up. Off he went on another round of the interview circuit – he even held a press conference on the matter – seizing this opportunity to air his allegations once again. It was absolutely soul-destroying.

What probably galls me the most about Amaral’s interviews is the way he presents himself as a person who, perhaps above all others, really wants to find Madeleine and get to the bottom of her fate. I cannot begin to express how much this outrages me.'

Kate rages on, her hatred clear, her obsession with Amaral disturbing and manic...an entire investigation came to the conclusion Madeleine died in the apartment and yet Kate fixates on Gonçalo, like a mad woman possessed she spits her venom when she herself has now confessed in her own book the children were sedated, according to her on two seperate occasions by an abductor who forgot to take Madeleine on the first visit... !

Kate whines 'How many more times will we have these disgraceful slurs thrown at us? How many more times will they be pushed down the throats of the Portuguese public?

Gonçalo Amaral has been convicted of falsifying statements and has coordinated investigations into the disappearance of two little girls, neither of whom has been found.

Why is this man being allowed a platform from which to peddle his absurd and offensive ideas? They say what goes around comes around.
For Madeleine’s sake, I certainly hope so.'

 Footnote : So do I Kate Marie Healy....so do I. Profiler Lee Rainbow said Gerry McCann must be investigated he was the last one to see Madeleine alive ,we may be looking at a homicide !

Hiding of a cadaver by the McCanns .