Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Kate McCanns hatred burns on : 'You could see the desire for justice burning brightly in her.'

Kate McCann on Isabel Duarte ' You could see the desire for justice burning brightly in her.

Isabel suggested that first of all we should apply for an injunction against Amaral’s book and the DVD of his documentary with the aim of preventing the distribution and further repetition of his damaging theories.

The next phase would be to sue Amaral for libel. It was an inspiring meeting and I will never forget Isabel’s words to me as she leaned across the table, looking me straight in the eye: ‘Today is a very important day for your daughter.’

Later the same month, Amaral was given an eighteen-month suspended prison sentence in connection with a case in which three of his officers were accused of torture.

The mother and uncle of another missing childeight-year-old Joana Cipriano, who had disappeared in 2004 from a village seven miles from Praia da Luz – had been imprisoned for her murder, although no body has ever been found.

They claimed they had been tortured into confessing (the police maintained that Sra Cipriano had fallen down the stairs). The officers concerned were cleared but the jury found that Amaral had falsified statements relating to the torture case. His conviction was upheld in the Supreme Court in March 2011. Joana’s mother is still in jail.

Falsifying statements?

It was difficult to understand why anyone would believe the theories of a police officer found guilty of such malpractice.

While coordinating the investigation into Madeleine’s disappearance, Amaral had been an arguido. How on earth had he come to be put in charge of an inquiry into the disappearance of another missing child?'

Hiding of a cadaver


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