Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Deception Part 15 : The last photo

Quite simply it was not. The bead that played such an important role to the nights events of May 3rd does not warrant a mention in the book. Therefore the bead and brushing of the hair is pure fabrication, used to add weight to a  photoshopped image of Madeleine in a place and time when she was more than likely dead. Remember this last image of Madeleine took three weeks to surface! 


When the Last Photo was released, the stories accompanying its release also spoke of Kate carefully removing a hair bead before washing Madeleine’s hair and bathing her in the evening. The bead is highlighted in red in this close-up part of Madeleine’s hair. Here is a link to the article published by the Daily Mail on May 25, 2007 (Click here). The article says “It shows Madeleine with her father Gerry and two-year-old sister Amelie, sitting beside the pool in their Algarve holiday apartment complex. Her mother Kate is behind the camera with Amelie’s twin brother Sean.”

In the evening her parents gave her a bath, took out her trendy hair bead and washed her hair. Then they tucked her up alongside Sean and Amelie before kissing them all goodnight.

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